Ten-year-old Jojo lives with his father, a security guard with a volatile personality who drinks to manage the unspoken despair he feels about his wife's absence, which he refuses to discuss with his son. In the midst of so much uncertainty, Jojo finds comfort and happiness in caring for an abandoned baby bird, a jackdaw, who is even more vulnerable than himself.

Jojo, a lively 10-year-old with a difficult home life marked by a volatile father & an absent mother, finds solace in an abandoned baby jackdaw. Through the special friendship he builds ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant H (kr) wrote: Good movie. Slick, stylish, funny, with great performances from its cast, especially Brosnan and Harrelson.

Jose Gabriel R (it) wrote: It's difficult to describe this film. It's almost universally hated and not even the main stars want anything to do with the film. I think many are missing that the key is the approach of the film: this is almost a straight-up comedy and an absolute cheese-fest. We have a new family, yet again, but this is the most strange people in a TCM movie yet: they eat pizza instead of human meat, they work for a secret organization and Leatherface is a full-on Divine-like drag queen (which is actually not that far from the concepts in previous films, especially the first one, but most people seem to hate this "new" Leatherface). It's absurd, twisted and incoherent, but this is what makes it a fun mess that entertains and delivers hilarious chase scenes and dialogue.

George P (ru) wrote: Remarkable cinematography, opera-like qualities, great costumes.

Tighe G (fr) wrote: This film is one from when I was little, and probably not known by most. But it's a holiday classic. It's about Gideon, played by Harry dean Stanton, a Christmas angel, who is sent by Santa, to help Ginny Grainger, played marvelously by Mary Steenburgen. Anyway, Ginny is a cynic, and she hates Christmas. She, her husband jack, and her two kids Caleb and Abbie have also fallen on hard times, making it even harder to believe in anything that can't be seen. This I can somewhat relate to. Because when my parents separated, I ended up living with my mom, who didn't have much money. Making Christmas very hard for her. Anyway, certain events take place (Husband shot in bank robbery) that turn this film into darker Christmas. But all things change, because on Christmas night. Ginny meets Santa in a very touching scene, that if I told you about it, it wouldn't be the same. Anyway, things get better (but in a realistic way) and it's a happy ending. If you haven't, which I'm guessing you haven't, seen this movie, please do, around the Holidays. Because you won't be disappointed.

Silje F (it) wrote: Suicidal birds, vampires and a weird American lady. <3

Bill T (de) wrote: Movie that stars Julianne Moore who plays a happy successful woman, who has a great job and family, and then contracts a mysterious disease. While her health deteriorates, she threatens to bring her family down with her. Oh wait, I was talking about "Safe", the Todd Solonz movie. It really is fun to compare the two "Julianne Moore has a mysteriious disease, let's get depressed as she totally immerses herself into her character's demise!" movies. Anyways, of course, Still Alice is the better movie. Moore is dynamite in this. Alec Baldwin is great as her husband. Kirsten Stewart I can take or leave, but what can you do.