Kawariki must become the leader of the family after his father retires in this intimate drama. A husband and father, he realizes that in order to lead with integrity, he must come out and be honest about his own life, even though it will test the boundaries of acceptance and unconditional love. Offering valuable insights into Maori traditions, family ideals and cultural values, this feature debut is rich and textured with emotional layers and stunning New Zealand landscapes. Written by Websurfer (IMDB.com)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English,Maori
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   fight,   dancing,  

An apparently happy family man must reveal a lifelong secret - that he is gay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kati V (au) wrote: HELLO!!! She did it!!!

Sonny H (es) wrote: I don't know why I like this film so much, is it the catchy music, the good acting, I don't know. The story of this film is clichd but the execution is just sublime, the story is that Cyrus produces a song for this competition from a famous singer called Roxanne who Cyrus knew in school, he enters the competition and wins but by accident his friend Kris gets mistaken as the winner because Cyrus sent in a photo of him with Kris. Kris then has to pretend to be Cyrus and Cyrus has to hold back his emotions. The acting by the whole cast is phenomenal especially Tyler James Williams who is just magnifying. I did say the story is clichd but the writing does make you care for the characters, so when at the end of the film you really do care about what happens. the music is what will break or make this film and oh my god this film has some of the catchiest music ever, like when I heard the song "don't run away" I couldn't get it out of my head and that is a credit to the people who wrote the song and Tyler James Williams. This is honestly one of my favourite films, it's not for everyone but I can't help but love it. I give this film 10/10.

Raffi M (nl) wrote: For the people who aren't Armenian just FUCK OFF!

Walter V (mx) wrote: I can't believe that i sat thru this whole movie with my daughter. On the other hand it wasn't that bad. #watchedteenmovietomakemylilgirlhappy

Rachel D (us) wrote: For a Burn Notice fan, this is a must-see!

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Interesting concept for this movie. It felt like an over the top thriller, without it being over the top. Some of the Dialogue was cheesy and the acting wasn't that great at times but it is a somewhat enjoyable movie. If you like movies that make you want to laugh every now and again, or a movie you don't really want to think about, then this is one of those movies. Definitely worth the rent.

Private U (ag) wrote: Dark Comedy-Thriller ... A good watch and great performances by Ranvir-Vinay

Amy D (nl) wrote: My absolute FAVORITE of all the Pixar shorts. I could watch it for hours... in fact I think I have. ^_^

Eliabeth H (au) wrote: Love this movie there is a lot of hot guys in this movie

Goofy H (de) wrote: En bra film som fr deg til tenke!

Alexander C (it) wrote: Could be worht watching, a period piece im assuming, recommended by a flixster friend, worth a look. Just have to find it now! :D

Dylan K (kr) wrote: i think that this is not just ang lee's best movie but one of the greatest films ever. just watch it and see why i think that. the action scenes are perfect as well as the cinematography and direction from ang lee 5/5

Srini V (mx) wrote: Ar.Rahman's first movie, his score and songs was excellent . Still today the songs was likely punched to all heart:):) Rahman is great:)

Allan C (de) wrote: Like other wax museum based horror films, that are a variety of monsters, but what I think worked quite well for this film is that when a hapless victim fall into one of the various waxworks scenes, it becomes kind of a short film that's a mini-mummy movie, or a mini-werewolf movie, or whatever classic horror story that might be featured in a wax museum, climaxing if an entertaining monster mash-up. The film also features a stronger than usual cast for a cheapie 80s horror films, which included current familiar faces of the time, like Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros as the creepy waxworks greeter, Zach "Gremlins" Galligan, Dana "Twin Peaks" Ashbrook, Michelle "Blame it on Rio" Johnson, John "Raider of the Lost Ark" Rhys-Davies, Miles "Ator the Fighting Eagle" O'Keeffe, Clare "Kelly Fox from 'Coach'" Carey, and Deborah "Valley Girl" Foreman (who I always kind of had a crush on) and some more respectable old school actors past their prime like David "Time Bandits" Warner and Patrick "The Avengers" Macnee. And you even get Kane "Jason Voorhees" Hodder, who did stunt work for the movie in an uncredited role as Frankenstein's monster.

Stefan G (nl) wrote: This is the kind of film that could only have been made thirty years ago. After all, it has all the hallmarks of an 80's teen flick: synthpop soundtrack, the high school clichs, and nearly every character coming across as something of a jerk. The story certainly follows the generic high school formula, save for the main character being able to turn into a werewolf. I think this could have had a lot of comedic potential, but it whatever potential there is was wasted on a script that is bereft of humour, and a cast of character that do what we'd expect them to do anyway. The film's strongest point is its overall style, but that's mainly because of its enjoyable soundtrack, and that's the only thing about this film that makes it a guilty pleasure at best. At worst, however, it's an aggressively banal exercise in exploiting the popularity of the teen movie, with little innovation if at all.

Jason C (it) wrote: Incredible film. Part contemporary western, part sports redemption film. One where the athlete's eventual success does not lead to accolades or money or even a happy retirement but instead to a continued life of isolation and physical pain. McQueen is brilliant, his famously stoic coolness replaced by stoic suffering.

Liam P (nl) wrote: Maximum Overdrive is a major guilty pleasure of mine. Is it dumb? Fuck yes. But it's got an amazing soundtrack by AC/DC, corny acting, and enough car crashes and explosions to make George Miller blush. If you want a prime example of tongue in cheek horror, then this film is for you.

Nicole G (jp) wrote: Not bad....amazing cast...had some really funny parts!!

John B (ca) wrote: What an incredible waste of talent. Great locations and cinematography...intriguing plot...superb cast...but once the "alien" appears it all turns into a muddle.