In Somai's final film, an alcoholic civil servant wakes up under a cherry tree in Tokyo next to a bar hostess with whom he's impulsively made a suicide pact. Though he's now changed his mind, he agrees to travel with her to Hokkaido, her preferred site for ending it all. An elegiac road movie of restrained emotion.

In Somai's final film, an alcoholic civil servant wakes up under a cherry tree in Tokyo next to a bar hostess with whom he's impulsively made a suicide pact. Though he's now changed his mind, he agrees to travel with her to Hokkaido, her preferred site for ending it all. An elegiac road movie of restrained emotion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (ru) wrote: A first film written and directed by the star of the excellent "The Counterfeiters", "Atmen" could have been another movie about the redemptive power of caring for the dead. But it isn't, though there are vague nods in that direction. "Atmen" is about a young man raised in an orphanage then committed to a juvenile detention facility slowly beginning to care about his life and connect to other people. It tells the story credibly and with great compassion for the varieties of people and how they cope with life.

Aaron G (us) wrote: I saw this at a party, which is probably the only way this was enjoyable.

Ted W (gb) wrote: Ok superhero movie starring will Smith as Hancock and his origin story becoming a cool but dumb funny superhero. At first he's a lame drunk but later in the Movie he gets help from a ad guy who can promote him and make him a an awesome superhero like in a ordinary comic book. He's a cool guy Hancock but he gets angry really easily especially by the word a##hole, he will murder your head off or if you don't cooperate he'll put your face in someone's a##. His costume is one of my favorite parts in this movie but how funny this character is and how will Smith puts his funny personality into it. One thing that's bad was of how cheesy this movie is and how outrageous his supepower is and how he puts it into play is a really cheesy stupid way how Sony tried to put this character out their.

Jason H (gb) wrote: I loved the original Lilo And Stitch movie and consider it to be one of Disney's best in years and one of my favorites. I don't mind the follow-up movie or t.v. series but they just were not the same as the first movie.

jimmy m (mx) wrote: a classic miss marple film with the legendary margaret rutherfordv as miss marple from the pen of the late great agatha christie a real legend

Paul P (nl) wrote: The Sockpuppet From Hell!! :=8O Ahem.Yes, let's make one thing absolutely clear from the get-go: Reptilicus is a sock-puppet. A rather sad, obvious sock-puppet. It has glued-on snaggly teeth, tiny, useless arms, no legs worth mentioning, and it spews forth cheesy fx that are supposed to be flames or acid or Gouda, or something.The mighty Danish Armed Forces (there's a laugh!) can't stop the sock, despite possessing tons of stock footage NATO tanks; the puppet chases hundreds of local extras hither and yon, across drawbridges and through the lovely cobblestoned streets of Copenhagen. They look back, point, and scream in terror over...a sock puppet.The Sock is an amazing critter: it has the magical ability to instantly hid itself completely behind barns, rocks, houses, rabbits, or whatever happens to be around. Barely-off-camera strings manage to make it gamble gayly through the streets of Denmark's capitol (which suspisciously like a model), and no amount of stock footage tanks or screaming, pointing Dames can seem to stop its horrific onslaught.Actually, Reptilicus is the silliest, moost laughable excuse for a monster that the MooCow has seen in a while, possibly even rivaling the giant wooden puppet-bird in Giant Claw, or the giant evil pickle from It Conquered the World.I know, I know, the ads bill Reptilicus as the "Danish Godzilla", but honestly, it looks like a sad reject from the old "Kukla, Fran, and Ollie " kiddie puppet show, except not nearly as scary. Believe the MooCow - yer gonna laugh yer spots off when you see this sad, mangy sock kick the stuffing out of Denmark.Unfortunately, the scenes without the sock grind on and on - no offense to our Danish cousins but this moovie portrays the Danes as a stodgy, humorless bunch of cheeseheads. What passes for humor is a single dopey Dane, Peterson the night watchman (Dirch Passer - he starred in a bunch of Danish moovies that the MooCow cannot pronounce). The aforesaid comedy includes Paterson watching germs on his sandwhich crawl around, and seeing him stick his huge, meaty hands inside an electric eel tank. "Yep, everything here is electric", says Peterson, dead-panned.Yeah. If you find that funny, the MooCow has a few hundred acres of swampland to sell you real cheap. :=8PReptilicus was directed by Sid Pink, who brought more mooments of shame and pain as a director, including Journey to the Seventh Planet and I was a Burlesque Queen; as a producer he unpchucked such wretched piffle as Bwana Devil, The Thing Without a Face, and Angry Red Planet.It was Reptilicus that Pink wanted to make a big splash into the monster moovie scene, and if you call a belly-slop a big splash, well then I guess ol' Pinky got what he wanted.If, cowever, you get scared watching this wretched film, the MooCow feels very, very sorry for you. MooCow says check Reptilicus out, if only to prove that Danish Blue isn't the only stinky cheese to come from Denmark.;=8)

pokrdreamer (ca) wrote: my all time fav!! ty auntie!!

Patty S (fr) wrote: Guardians is a visually spended and witty film, full of james gunn tropes that will keep fans of his films happy while sharing his talent with a wider audience. But with a revenge plot lifted from star trek and several under developed villains, keep this film from being something truly amazing.

Andrew D (kr) wrote: A filmmaker's wet dream.Memento isn't for a small-minded audience, it's only for those who have the will to crack the code, and oh boy is there a code to crack.Nolan is Great, that's a universal truth, everyone knows that by now, but this earlier entry, one of his most under-looked, was probably one of his best. Extremely well written, and impeccably crafted, Memento is an achievement in the finest technical sense, and shouldn't be overlooked.

Alejandro E (it) wrote: Hallucinating story about a search for the fountain of eternal youth. A bit confusing, takes a lot of effort for a appreciate.

Maxim A (au) wrote: Well, I saw it last night. Nothing special. It may have few laughs, but the story is a little bit cheesier than I expected.Conclusion: Little above the average, not so spectacular, but not bad, I do recommend you to see it only because of Jim Carrey. The others seem to be a little boring.Grade: B-Percentage: 57%Rating: 3.5/5