The lead character, played by Godard himself, is an annoyingly perfectionist film-maker determined to wring every last drop of the finest performance possible from his stars. This film is made up several sketches in which certain actors play several real or fictional roles to a background of rock music

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Users reviews

Angelina C (fr)

He happens to be the queen of the London Stage, until King Charles II(a fantastic Rupert Everett) changes the laws. He possesses the flirty female moves, he has got the five gestures of female supplication down pat and he looked fabulous in a gown. It is stirring to watch because Billy Crudup is completely convincing as a bisexual English thespian. Stage Beauty contains hilarious bawdy and sophisticated humour. Women are forbidden to perform on stage and any female part of a play must be performed by a man . A colorful well cast period piece with a great look at London theatre scenes during the Restoration of the monarchy in England in the 1660s. A BBC gem

Bleak M (de)

Not overwhelmingly good, either. Not bad

Brian B (ru)

well, basically the movie sucks. . . Anyway, a second, evil alien kills a lot of people. Trumpy, an alien that a boy finds can do amazing magic powers, like speen up a camera and do cheap stop-motion effects

Christopher H (ru)

Vivid and at times profound. Stylish and surreal take of a autobiographical movie

Dan O (au)

A bit repetitive, but very disturbing

Francis F (de)

Really good film, the cinematography is some of the best I've ever seen

Frank B (es)

that's my scoop on this. . Anyways. Real honest to goodness hero who fights against other white oppressors who harass Natives! A real film critic would never criticize Tom Laughlin's role in this one along with the other 2 spin off films

Frank H (mx)

Clerks was filmed with half the budget. but really though. Mike Schank's performance in this was excellent, man

Glade B (us)

. . It's a shame the director left the church. I loved it. Not a characature of Mormon missionaries so much as real people. Also it was very real. But this one was very profound in a way that most Mormon genre movies don't seem to get. The Joseph Smith movie is pretty dang good. Actually, second. My favorite Mormon made movie of all time

Hiatt N (us)

A hard core sexy movie