Keeping the Promise

Keeping the Promise

A colonial family seeks a better life in Maine's wilderness in this powerful adventure. When William Hallowell leaves behind 13-year-old son Matt to safeguard their claim, the boy relies on his new friendship with the Penobscot Indians for survival.

Harsh elements, disease and dilemmas mark a Massachusetts family's move to uncharted Maine and a better life in 1768. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ramune J (us) wrote: hilarious :)))) a must see movie :)) great dose of British humor :)

Anas B (ca) wrote: je suis trop fan de gah elmaleh!!!!

Dave J (de) wrote: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 (2005) Blood Stains THRILLER Don't let the cover fool you because that's the only blood anyone is ever gonna see upon the entire film. This straight-to-rental made-for-tv like movie centers on a middle aged single woman whose just moved into a new neighborhood to get away from some bad experiences which resulted in breaking up with her former husband regarding a loss of a daughter. And moves into a house with a demented neighbor living right across from her to whom knows almost nothing about, but is still swayed by his charms anyway. This film is stupid beyond belief that there were times I felt like banging my own head with a shovel! Bomb

Kyle L (us) wrote: Hellraiser Inferno is one of the better Hellraiser sequels and it is also the best in the series since the first two Hellraiser films and Hellraiser Bloodline and it is also the best out of all the Hellraiser Direct To DVD Sequels. This movie is about a detective who is investigating murders that's been happening in California until he discovers the changes that's happening in his life and he soon discovers that he's in hell with the Cenobite Pinhead and Joseph must find a way to escape before he dies. To be honest I seriously love Hellraiser Inferno and the film is much more different than its predecessors. This is also the first Hellraiser film that has no involvement over series creator Clive Barker. Instead the film only includes the original actor who played Pinhead in the early Hellraiser films and that is Doug Bradley who plays Pinhead in the Hellraiser series and this is also Scott Derrickson's first feature film before he made Sinister and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. But I totally like this film and as a direct to DVD sequel its great and Scott Derrickson managed to create a strong film with some impressive performances and I totally enjoyed this film a lot. What's great about Hellraiser Inferno is that the film plays in two different parts. It not only plays as a Horror film but it also plays as a dark stylish Detective thriller and that's what I like about the first direct to DVD Hellraiser sequel and I was surprised with all of the ideas that Scott Derrickson managed in the film and I totally think it was a great idea overall for the film. The other things I like about this film is that the whole film is full of atmosphere and suspense and the camera work is magnificent in this film and most of the settings look great and I love the empty buildings in this film and I was surprised with everything in this film and everything in this film is impressive and fascinating overall. What I also like about Hellraiser Inferno is that the whole film is full of impressive CGI effects. The CGI in this movie is magnificent and I love all of the CGI in this movie and the way the CGI was used in this film is effective and I like most of the scenes that used CGI in this film like the psychiatrist changed into Pinhead is one of the best effects used in this film even the special effects like the chains that Pinhead use to kill his victims is good as always and I love how magnificent the effects were well used in this film and I heard also that some people say that the chains are CGI in the direct to DVD Hellraiser sequels but I didn't find any of the chains CGI at all and they look practical rather than CGI but overall I love the effects that were used in this film. Sadly though the movie itself doesn't have any gore effects and I wish there was gore in this film but there wasn't much gore used in this movie and Joseph's kill in this film wasn't gory at all but that's ok although there are some parts where the film is disturbing and its too bad the film isn't gory or brutal like the early Hellraiser films but overall the film isn't that gory but its ok at least. Now the acting is great in this film for a Direct To DVD movie and I was quite surprised with the acting in this film a lot and Doug Bradley still plays the character of Pinhead really well in all the Hellraiser movies while the rest of the casts did a good job with they're work in the film as well and the acting is great overall in this film. Director Scott Derrickson did a really good job with his work on this movie and I totally appreciate his first feature film and since I love his work on the 2012 Horror film Sinister I love his work on this movie even on The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and although his script on the Urban Legends sequel is ok he still has talent in directing movies a lot and I can't wait for what he will do next in the future. Overall this movie gets a 10/10 because the whole film has a lot of goodies for a Hellraiser Direct To DVD Sequel and this is the best in the Hellraiser Direct To DVD Sequels.

raeann m (mx) wrote: I miss this movie I've been trying to find it for years

Paul M (es) wrote: Another one of those movies I have watched over and over. It is beautifully made and I love watching the way that Italy transforms the characters. They go from porridge to crepes ... grey to gold. I think it taps into the desire we all have for transformation... or bringing out the best aspects of ourselves.

Mario R (ag) wrote: one of the best Animated Films ever made

Chris W (mx) wrote: The Big Short has balls. Take an A-list cast, tackle the most depressing yet complex financial crash of our generation and somehow avoid a bore-fest of Excel Spreadsheet proportions. Thanks to a lot of panache and creative risks McKay achieves this feat. Most of the characters are cyphers and there's too many to really attach much emotional significance to. Though Carrell wins the day for personifying the audience's natural outrage at events, in his typical comic manner. Pace drops a little in the final act, but the gravitas of the message is expertly blended with entertaining originality.