The psychiatric evaluation of a young actor arrested for a brutal double murder concludes he may be unfit for trial. Further investigation, however, reveals the crime was a well-planned statement against the section of Japan's criminal code granting diminished responsibility to the mentally impaired.

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Dave J (ca) wrote: Monday, May 26, 2014 (2011) Hemorrhage PSYCOLOGICAL HORROR At the first few minutes shows a guy who's about to blow his brains out. And when he does that we then get the beginning credits showing us some actual 'brain hemorrhage' scenes. After it was over, we are then introduced to a guy who's about to be let out from a psyche ward or from the mental institution. The agency that let him out also got him a job, he starts to get delusions so the agency decide to get him another job this time as a janitor for an independent doctor's clinic. As he's working, he becomes infatuated with the clinic's only working nurse, Claire(Brittney Grabill), and introduces himself as Ronnie(Ryland Alexander). Ronnie then gets more delusions and after killing a few people along the way, he then kidnaps Claire and forces her onto this bizarre road trip starting with her sister's place. This movie is low budget and consists of nothing I haven't seen before. Bomb

Robert G (de) wrote: Great performance by Sam Shepard. Enjoyable western story.

Phoenix L (us) wrote: not good i hatred it

Jeremy G (mx) wrote: Another cute Canadian film. The subject matter is well dealt with and the performances are brilliant on all counts. The only scene that really disturbed me is the scene in which Emerson goes with the businessman to his office. It's entertaining enough for one watch, but not a "must-have" for a complete film collection.

Zachary L (ca) wrote: Essential viewing for anyone really into computers, even if you've been reading about this story for years if you truly are a geek/nerd/whatever. The story of the creation of Linux and the Gnu open source movement with some interviews of the key players and events surrounding it's rise to prominence. Hearing about these from the source and not a commentator is always enlightening to see the people behind the magic, and all of their quirks. My only gripe was the ending as they quickly pan over the flame out of VA Linux after their IPO which was the subject of a bit of film time.

Aj V (fr) wrote: Predictable and slightly sentimental, but there are some funny scenes.

Paul D (it) wrote: Well...this movie is very corny. It is amazing how awful it really is. The cameos are funny in this, but the main story is dull. I certainly would not advise people to see it unless they knew what they were getting into.

Chris D (ru) wrote: Not bad. I miss Franco, though.

Kevin A (es) wrote: The director tells the story from the three perspectives smoothly with touches of humor , warmth and reality. The deleted scenes would have been welcome. I hesitated because of the title for months before moving it up on my list I am glad i did.Michael Pitt is the stand out performance in this crime caper. If not loving it, most will definitely like it.

Yoshi S (nl) wrote: Amazing true story! Movie was really spiritual and miraculous. Acting was great, children did great performances! It was little comical and funny! Maybe director thought story is too intense... So maybe he added funny jokes. It looked like cheap TV movie... But it looked real, thrilling and wonderful. I really liked it, because I had same miracle before... I was almost dead but I survived. I thought Jesus saved my life, but now I felt my great ancestors protecting me from the danger always... Thank you... Blu-ray's HD picture quality is great! It was really intense, shocking and violence... But I think this is the great family faithful movie. Ending was really nice. You need to watch it! Miracle can happen to you when you are in trouble...

Kyle C (de) wrote: Sly is back, with some friends, people get punched, kicked, thrown, shot, decapitated, stabbed and killed, shit blows up, and Arnie and Bruce are there, what else do you need me to say.

Alex T (mx) wrote: A very interestingly told story with great performances from both time periods of the film. Daniel Craig plays a character easy to see his faults and failures of his early life and missed opportunities, and his embracing of these errors through reminiscing and nostalgia makes a very powerful movie.