Natalie (Elisabeth Harnois) is high school royalty, but her queen bee status falls apart when she falls for the new guy at school. Although Keith (Jesse McCartney) ignores her at first, they soon become friends -- even though Natalie suspects that Keith has something to hide. As the free-spirited Keith shows Natalie how to embrace what life offers, they grow closer -- until a secret tests the bounds of their relationship

Second-semester high-school senior named Natalie, who believes she has life figured out until happening upon Keith, a troubled and unpredictable youth who begins to alter her perspective in ways she never thought possible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pablo G (au) wrote: Cheesy and predictable at times, but with some truly tension-filled and creative moments every now and then.

Dennis A (gb) wrote: Blood Brother shows you a selfless kind of love that resonates with something deep inside all of us. And it shows this selfless love through a courageous group of children affected by HIV. The film educates you about a global issue: abandoned and orphaned children and HIV. And it calls you to action. Will you find a way to love the way Rocky does?

Thomas L (it) wrote: this movie is absolute garbage...

Leocadio V (kr) wrote: It's an ok movie but kind of sucked for the most part.

Sarah C (jp) wrote: i wanna see this looks interesting

Greg W (mx) wrote: not one of the better marx bros. pics

David L (gb) wrote: A sound tale blending samurai swords with fantasy, in a thoroughly enjoyable Asian adventure. Kai, a notable odd man out amongst ancient Japanese fighters may be different in his looks, but when it comes to fighting, his upbringing has put him right up their with the best. Despite being rejected by most of the clan, he and the emperors daughter are childhood sweethearts, with the emperor himself having raised Kai as his own. Unfortunately for him, when the emperor is forced to take his own life as a result of presumed treachery, Kai and the rest of the clan are banished from the village, with the evil Lord Kira and his shape shifting witch taking ownership. The rest of the story then revolves around the newly named '47 Ronin' taking revenge for this evil plot, with past grudges set aside, and Kai also recruited to help lead the way. With various beasts and baddies opposing them, it's very much like a dungeons and dragons type movie, or even like an Asian Lord of the Rings (just a lot shorter). It's relatively actioned packed and visually captivating with the only downfall being my struggle to familiarise oneself with the names and looks of the individual Asian army members. It's a case of not knowing who's died in battle and who's still fighting strong. The ending was very unpredictable and somewhat depressing but given this was apparently set in line with a true story, I guess they can't detract from the legend itself. It's a little bit of a hidden gem, with Keanu Reeves the only notable star amongst the cast, but with everyone else giving a top notch performance both verbally and in their physical form of using martial arts. Slated by critics, but praised by the general public, this may or not be your cup of Japanese tea, but there's no doubt it left me with a good taste in my mouth.