Kelly + Victor

Kelly + Victor

Kelly and Victor meet at a nightclub and start a sexual relationship, the excitement of which removes them from the dull ordinariness of their lives.

Kelly and Victor meet at a nightclub and start a sexual relationship, the excitement of which removes them from the dull ordinariness of their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giselle B (ag) wrote: Passionate, curious and wonderfully laid. It was a brief summary of the book, yet it did not disappoint me at all.

Cody S (nl) wrote: useless brainless idiotic... and ofcourse Storyless

Jennie R (br) wrote: OKay, first of all, I cannot get into Macaulay Culkin having sex. My mind going back to Home Alone. In one scene, he is washing off his face & looks in the mirror & I was waiting for that snapping cheeks scream. This movie was a mess. The point was sitting in the back seat with Miss Daisy, it took so long to get there. Seemed a little far fetched anyway. I mean, c'mon! they are having major issues in their relationship & they think group sex is the answer??? Dont waste your time on this movie.

Henry M (de) wrote: The zodiac killer story is a very fascinating one; however, this movie managed to make it somewhat boring and almost too quiet to be considered a horror movie or anything close. In my opinion it's needlessly long and drawn out, the film has entirely too much dialogue and by the end your eyes have glazed over and you're not even that drawn to the story anymore. Regardless, it certainly does have its thrilling moments and the essence of mystery and suspense cannot be denied.

Sanj 7 (br) wrote: it wasn't the best ....

Matt W (fr) wrote: One of the 10 best science fiction movies of the past 15 years

Joshua H (ag) wrote: MILES DAVIS IS IN IT

Lee Anne W (kr) wrote: Diane Lane is so young she's larval (Christine Lahti, too), Laura Dern looks exactly the same, so good for her. This isn't a great movie, but still a cool time capsule of early eighties "punk" and the rigors of the road. Paul Simonon is hot (of course, duh!), but so is Ray "Sexy Beast" Winstone--he and Diane Lane have a steamy shower scene. And Fee Waybill of the Tubes is a good actor. The ending is great, since it foreshadows all the punk and new wave bands who sold out to MTV. This was directed by rock producer and legend Lou Adler, sadly now probably best known as father of large scrotum-ed, useless friiend-of-Paris-Hilton, douchebag Cisco Adler.

D M (mx) wrote: An amusing James Garner comedic Western about a reluctant, yet witty and sarcastic, sheriff. Worth a watch.

Leonard D (ru) wrote: Curtis 50 cent Jackson appears to have some acting chops. His story here almost looks like that it had potential, but when I took a good look at this feature, I thought, "Umm, yeah, he looks childish. I can't take him serious enough." It's a problem which allot of music artists have in trying to take on a movie role in the past, and still trying to do today! It doesn't work as much as they want it to, because it's not for them!As for one scene which I called bullcrap on, is the one where that gangbanger pulled out a gun as fast as the flash, and shot the cops in their car! Uh uh, c'mon! That cannot happen in real life, seriously!? This just felt like another missed opportunity!

Bobby N (nl) wrote: Loved it! Action packed with a great storyline.

Ben T (it) wrote: My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a cute romantic comedy with a great cast and and a sweet story.