Kembar siang

Kembar siang

Kembar Siang is about a pair of twins named Awal and Awi (both played Kamal Adli). Awal is the elder of the two and Awi is mentally ill, due to a fever when he was young. Amazingly, Awi has superb memory and an extraordinary ability to count, often tutoring Mazli and Izan after school. The twins have a house and a grocery shop given to them by their late father Haji Sabran. They are rivalled by another grocery shop run by Pak Din Duda (Sabri Yunus) who is not honest and always trying to make a quick buck.

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Joel M (fr) wrote: 1/10: Could have been much better because the story has so much potential . Poor direction by Danny Pang. Skip this.

Ernesto R (gb) wrote: This is the best romantic comedy pinoy movie that I seen so far...... No English-sub

Jessica G (ag) wrote: Terribly slow and the acting was horrible. You could see where this movie wanted to go and the actors completely doing it the wrong way.What we are supposed to see is a writer who becomes paranoid with everything around him, instead we see a random guy walking around doing things that seems stupid. Like he randomly takes a bat, prepared to attack somebody in the apartment who isn't there, but you wouldn't know he is just paranoid from the terrible acting.

Isaac J (us) wrote: Decent, but lacked the suicidal stunts that got me started on Thai action flicks in the first place. They seemed to be apeing mid 90's HK wire fu with mixed results. The climactic fight is pretty good though and there's a smokin' hot chick in it, but overall nothing too special.

Fong K (ag) wrote: While this comedy needs a quirkier heroine and should work harder to empathsize with eccentric people, it is definitely not Razzie-worthy. Sandra Bullock did right by dispensing DVDs to the audience after accepting Worst Actress. There is something about Mary but she doesn't deserve any condemnation. Fun fact: Sandra Bullock won the Academy Award for Best Actress in the same year for THE BLIND SIDE.

Caroline K (ca) wrote: A little depressing....

Natasha B (kr) wrote: More geared towards children than March of the Penguins was, but the biggest impact is knowing the Arcitc and the animals that depend on it are greatly threatened.

Joshua M (jp) wrote: kill it! kill it with fire and send it back to the firey deeps of hell from where it came from!!!! and MINUS 5 STARS!!!!!!!!

John S (nl) wrote: With staggeringly powerful performances and a solid and inspiring script and direction, In The Name of The Father is a strong and interesting biographical film.

Jacob B (es) wrote: It's intermittently funny and Mel Brooks should be given some credit for his attempt at directing and starring in a comedy that's not a parody but given its uneven pacing and formulaic plot about a rich guy pretending to be penniless for a month, Life Stinks is a movie that stinks.

Brian D (mx) wrote: I always like Anthony Michael Hall in the 80's and this being one of hes lead role in playing not a nerd(like in the breakfast club or weird science) its pretty different for him at the time.And one of hes last movies till he disappeared until hes come back years later in the tv series The Dead Zone.The movie itself is ok and typical of the times there are some funny moments but not enough and Hall is ok but not really that fun to watch.Its Robert Downey Jr in a early role who stands out and the late and great Paul Gleason knocks a few laughs. And there's a very early role from Uma Thurman who lets just say that her acting gets better through the years.

Jason J (ru) wrote: Remo Williams is a simple story about an apparently-dead cop that is recruited by a secret association to save the US from politically powerful criminals, and to this purpose he is trained by Chiun, a Korean expert of martial arts. So far, nothing exciting: it sounds like a low-budget hybrid of Karate Kid and some cheesy fanta-politic stuff.The movie is a mixture of James Bond-elements, funny comedy and martial arts. No wonder a lot don't like this movie: no big pimped cars, no huge explosions, no big gun-fights and not a bright super-hero ! No, it's just a normal guy who becomes an agent, whether he likes it or not. Fred Ward might not be the perfect actor for this...but he does better than some so-called action stars. It's a good movie with a nice script and good actors makes fun. It's decent enough! Okay, it's not James Bond but a funny little spy-movie with a lot of action (not too big) and a lot of comedy. Alright, it's not the type of martial arts movie that we all suspected but give it a shot and I'm sure it'll grow on you.

Russell G (de) wrote: Nazis steal Frankenstein monsters heart, the Japanese get a hold of it and store it in Hiroshima, and you can guess what kind of giant monster madness is going to braek loose! This one was a lot of fun, with a giant Frankenstein monster that plays like King Kong running about against a giant phosphorecent dino-thing. Oh yeah, they trash a city too.

Brian B (kr) wrote: The best spy film next to mission impossible! A true Classic.

surendra d (it) wrote: sharon stone is awasome

Nate T (kr) wrote: The classic gender-twisted version of The Front Page play which was previously filmed in 1931 and remade in 1974 & 1988. Part of The Criterion Collection with the pre-release version of the 1931 film adaption of the play and on Blu-ray. A must watch film... All involved are in great form.

Nick L (de) wrote: Starts out a little strange but it is a good hook to keep you interested.

Jared S (au) wrote: One of the greatest moments in United States history, the "Cold War on Ice", or the "Miracle on Ice" as it is most commonly known, was later portrayed on the silver screen with extreme historical inaccuracy. Viewers from around the globe would witness the story of a group of college hockey players competing against the Soviet Union, otherwise known as the best hockey team in the world. In order for them to come out on top, they would need a miracle. Craig, Johnson, Eruzione, and Brooks, no longer just names, but legends in sports history. Miracle is about the story of the 1980 United States Olympic hockey team and their journey to and through the 1980 Olympics set in Lake Placid, New York. Now here is where I get my gripe with the film, the whole movie is based of a true story so wouldn't it be easy to just simply follow the timeline of what events happened? First off, the tryout process lasted longer than one day and they didn't just skate in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor World Arena, unlike how Disney portrayed it. In the medal round the United States and Soviet Union played in the 5PM game slot, and this looked to be a rout for the Soviet Union because they had played on February 3rd, 1980 and the Soviet's won that game easily 10-3. The medal round game didn't even start correctly; While Al Michaels and Ken Dryden, the commentators for the game, were still talking in pregame the puck had already dropped and play was going. Al Michaels announced the starters for both sides but in the actual game he didn't do that. Every single goal in the movie was historically messed up in one way or another. From the correct time of goals, to the manner in which they were scored; Disney over all tried to make the game more modern to the current time instead of keeping the game the way it was in 1980. Disney tried to make the movie more flashy than it needed to be instead of keeping the historical aspect in the movie. One part of the film I am glad they did not try to recreate was Al Michaels call at the end of the game, "11 seconds, you've got 10 seconds, the countdown going on right now! Morrow, up to Silk. Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles?! YES!" If they had tried to recreate that moment, it would have been just another mistake in Disney's poor portrayal of this historical moment. Granted I can see how people would say, "It's not that big of a difference, why does this matter?" To people whom are huge sports history fanatics, such as myself, these "minor" flaws made a huge difference to the validity of this film. In closing, although this film was very entertaining when you break down the main point of Miracle, the historical aspect was lost and the film did not reach its full potential.