Kenchô omotenashi ka

Set within the hospitality division of the Kochi Prefecuture, employees attempt to find new ideas to...

From there, a plan for the hospitality division is born. When they arrive, the daughter throws a bucket of water at them, still angry for the way her father was dismissed from his job. Meanwhile, hospitality division employees Fumitaka and Taki visits the tourist house which is run by Seien and his daughter. Seien pushed forward a project to import pandas into the area, but lost his job because of that project. He then receives a recommendation to meet Seien, a former employee of Koichi Prefecture, who once hatched an unusual idea to promote tourism. Popular writer and Koichi area native Kyosuke Yoshikado is appointed as a special envoy for tourism in the area. The hospitality division in Koichi Prefecture can't promote the beautiful nature in the area due to a strict rule by the prefecture government

Kenchô omotenashi ka is a funny movie of Hiro Arikawa (based on the novel by), Yoshikazu Okada (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 2013. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Ryô Nishikido, Maki Horikita, Kengo Kôra, Megumi Seki, Eiichirô Funakoshi. Movie' genres are Comedy. The rating is 6.2 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

Ahmed M (br)

This movie had a really great scene towards the end of the movie, sorry, oh, it's called the credits, oh sorry about that, turns out there were no good or great scenes in the movie

Case B (ag)

what a different story this will be when Hollywood remakes it with a male & female cast. . . . Interesting commentary on what drives a man sexually, this story could only have worked in the absence of females. Only the French! Surprising amount of very visible man-on-man sex and full frontal nudity but that is what compells the story

Charles P (ru)

Alan Parker's visual fusion with Pink Floyd's music, greatly supported by Gerald Scarfe's riotous animated hallucinations of death and despair, are a haunting excursion into the mind of an artist

Dimitri C (br)

And despites some great ideas and beautiful sets, everything else is a waste of time for us, of potential for them. Unfortunately, the direction is so bad that it looks like found footage. Surprisingly from the director Oren Poli, the second film is not a found-footage

Eduardo L (ca)

5 stars outta 5. For the disaster movie genre, it's one of the best: 4. When I rate films, keep in mind, the score is in context to the genre

Grant H (gb)

It still is suspenseful, stylish, and intriguing and has great performances from its cast, especially Sutherland, Bacon and Roberts, and great direction from Schumaker. Flatliners initially offers a smart and original idea, but slowly delves into formula. Great movie

JJ M (de)

If you are in need of some meditation and couldn't bother heading off to a retreat or a monastary, instead wanting to watch a film then this is ideal. Its a very boring film but it has something to say about space, time and the mind, which makes it quite watchable. Never too brilliant but never too shit either

Jorge O (br)

A very heart moving film. Good performance by the actors and actresses. What a film

Juli N (jp)

Pure Unadulterated Heart Pounding Adrenaline Rush! Non Stop Action that'll grab you by the balls and have you begging for mercy!

Matthew R (fr)

A film that surely is one of those hidden gems that should be given the recognition it deserves and I believe it is far more than Oscar-worthy in its execution of acting, directing, screenwriting and cinematography; but sadly, I feel, as aforementioned, that it will not get the attention it warrants. The cinematography (shot on Super 16mm film) is amazing to say the least and how certain scenes are lit makes the feeling of further surrealism and intrigue push further into the audience's psyche, this mixed with humor both dry and dark just captures all attention and doesn't let us go until the film reel stops. The ideas are screwy and very surreal, the pain felt by much of the cast is so vivid and engrossing, the acting is unbelievable, surpassing all of my expectations and considering the cast was so small and confined to a limited area, it takes a real talent to make the story continuously interesting, and the makers of the movie have this talent. From the first frame of the movie to the last chord of the music playing over the credits this film is exceptional. Michael Tully plays the main character, as well as acts as director and screenwriter for this film and it really is something quite special. Absolutely the best film I saw at the festival, Septien is an oddball art film that I fear will never receive any sort of mainstream recognition, but it isn't meant to be appealing to all audiences. Seeing this film at the Maryland Film Festival was a real treat