Kept and Dreamless

Kept and Dreamless

Florence, a young irresponsible mother and her precocious daughter, Eugenia, have an unusual relationship. The roles between the two are reversed. Florence is totally inept at caring for a daughter, whereas Eugenia, only 10 years old, shows maturity and responsibility far beyond what her age might lead you to suppose.

Florence, a young irresponsible mother & and her precocious daughter, Eugenia, have an unusual relationship. The roles between the two are reversed. Florence is totally inept at caring for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kayvan T (ag) wrote: The best dance movie I have ever seen

Heidi M (br) wrote: This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. And I even like Sara Rue and the Cure and gothy gay boys. :P

Loren R (ru) wrote: Der zweite Weltkrieg in der Stadt Stalingrad. Dieses Mal wird es aus der Sicht der russischen Front erzhlt. Ein junger Bauernsohn erweist sich als guter Scharfschtze und wird bald als Held gefeiert. Doch die Deutschen lassen es sich nicht auf sich sitzen und schicken auch einen Scharfschtzen an die Front, um den russischen Helden zu jagen.Die Geschichte geht eigentlich um den Helden Jude Law, der vom Nachrichtendienst Chef Joseph Fiennes angeheuert wird, die Deutschen zu dezimieren und dem russischen Volk wieder zu animieren, an den Sieg zu glauben. Der Krieg um Stalingrad ist eigentlich eine Nebensache. Ed Harris verkrpert den Gegenpart vom Helden und spielt khl und eisern.Regisseur Annaud zeigt den Krieg auf einer Sichtweise, die ein bisschen anders ist. Er zeigt nicht viel vom Krieg. Eher zeigt er eine Romanze und einen Verrat unter Freunden. Auch die Motivation fr das russische Volk, kommt dann eher als Propaganda rber.Der Film ist gut und auch sehr gut besetzt. Nur muss man unterscheiden knnen, ob der Film ein Kriegsfilm, Drama oder ein romantischer Film ist. Ich kann es mir nicht vorstellen, zwischen Gewehrsalven, Granaten, Bomben und Toten, romantische Gefhle zu haben. Ich htte auch gar keine Lust dazu.Fazit: Weniger ist mehr. Die Geschichte ist gut. Wirkt aber auf weite Strecken ber, eher unrealistisch!

Justine R (nl) wrote: I like this movie alot. Zalman King is really good at erotica

Kevin M W (br) wrote: Trapped overnight in a haunted mansion with a homicidal maniac and doomed to making all the moves movies 30 years later would make serious fun of ("I'm going down in the basement without lights to see what that sound was. You guys stay here."), this 1980's horror turn asks the question: what could go wrong? Linda Blair stars. It's fun.

Aael G (br) wrote: Cried at the end of the movie

Patrick L (ru) wrote: I taped this from tv many years ago and I love to watch it on occasion. One of the most challenging, heartwarming and heartbreaking films I have ever seen and the cast is wonderful. Essentially the film is about troubled youths in a home/academy and how they relate to one another and the people they meet elsewhere. Very striking moments and perhaps the most sublime come at the end when David (who cannot bear to be touched) begs Lisa to take his hand and the scene of her hand slowly wrapping in/within his hand is almost romantic and erotic in a way. 10 out of 10!

Logan G (jp) wrote: With Moneyball, Bennett Miller does more than tell a soul-stirring sports drama. Set in a Giambi-era Oakland A's, Mr. Miller immerses audiences in a struggling institution's data-inspired revolution that shook the baseball world while shifting the sport's competitive approach. Festering in tension between long-embraced traditions and boundary-pushing innovation, the A's are challenged by shallow pockets and lackluster talent when General Manager Billy Beane decides to question the foundations of scouting logic by adopting an obscure statistician's "sabremetrics" claim that an OBR (on-base percentage) is significantly more effective in assessing a player's quality than an RBI. In this, Beane, played by Brad Pitt, supplants his scouts with equations and causes an uproar in the process. Shining as A's General Manager Billy Beane, a former fielder who bombed the majors as a player, Brad Pitt is Miller's underdog innovator trapped in baseball's dated paradigm. Cocky in a high school star athlete sort of way, Pitt is masterfully authentic in digging into the complexities of the divorced father experiencing meaning in his life by redefining baseball strategy. In this sense, the antagonist isn't a person, or even a character, but an ineffective system reflecting American decay and technological renewal. "Is an algorithm more effective than an experienced professional?" is the central question guiding the plot, breeding a relatable range of self-doubt, insecurity, and courage. Thematically, this translates to, rather Darwinian, "adapt or die" -style lessons on the risks of questioning accepted norms in the name of progress. The story may not be sweet, Pitt's Beane discusses the romance of baseball while he ironically is accused of destroying baseball's mythic romance, but Pitt still shares tender moments. This juxtaposition puts Pitt's impressive versatility on full display - he swings from the ruthless GM trading away his players to the vulnerable dad enchanted by parental love. The best part? He does it in a low-key, natural style that makes it seem effortless. Jonah Hill stars as supporting actor, shining light on Beane's doubts and obstacles. With a stand-out performance by Pitt and masterful directing by Miller, Moneyball proves an original, beautiful, and insightful take on a data revolution indicative of the times.

Carlos I (jp) wrote: Overrated in my opinion, the actors look nothing like high school students; great performance by James Dean, though.

Scott J (au) wrote: Familiar, but okay storyline.. Let down by a dopey "clever" twist ending