Kept Husbands

Kept Husbands

A former All-American football star (Joel McCrea), now working as a steel mill supervisor in New Jersey, falls in love with the mill owner's wealthy, very spoiled daughter (Dorothy Mackaill). This 1931 drama, directed by Lloyd Bacon, also stars Ned Sparks, Mary Carr, Robert McWade, Florence Roberts, and Clara Kimball Young.

Blue collar steelworker Richard Brunton (McCrea) saves two of his fellow workers after an accident at a factory. In gratitude, his boss, millionaire Arthur Parker invites Richard for dinner... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sal l (ag) wrote: I liked this movie. It shows a couple that has been married for awhile and is 40. Life

Veronica B (es) wrote: Just in time for Christmas. A modern version of Looney Tunes doing the Christmas Carol story. Alot of guest cartoon appearances made it neat.

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Jill R (gb) wrote: I hated the first but this is surpringly good an overall entertaining movie which Is surprisingly good a complete improvement Grade B-

Fran P (gb) wrote: The movie itself is mediocre -- poor special effects (it was 1994 after all) are worsened by bad acting and a storyline with so many plot holes and inconsistencies I couldn't believe it. But Van Damme as usual was a sincere, heartwarming character. I really felt respect for him after the personal message about his life that he placed off-set in the middle of JCVD, and even though he plays in B movies, I do like him as a character.

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Jack G (kr) wrote: hell with Ike, stick with Truck!

jay n (kr) wrote: Minor MGM musical with the usual lightweight framework providing the stars a chance to break out in song. If you enjoy that type of movie than this will be a pleasant diversion especially since it introduced the beautiful ballad *Time After Time" which is performed in various versions several times throughout the film. Sinatra and Grayson are in fine voice and Durante his usual wisecracking somewhat befuddled self. Unfortunately Gloria Grahame although prominently billed is in and out of the picture after the first five minutes.

Heather M (us) wrote: Well, this was a complete waste of time.