Kerala Cafe

Kerala Cafe

Ten stories meet at Kerala Cafe.

Ten stories meet at Kerala Cafe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach M (fr) wrote: A short animated Lego movie based on the Lego Batman 2 video game.It was enjoyable and uses the Lego well.The Justice League show up to help and it keeps the sense of humour that is prominent in the video games.

Jordon J (ru) wrote: Street Kings 2 treads common ground, but it does its best on a limited budget, providing some noteworthy thrills. Decent for what it is. I say RENT IT!!!

Patrick M (ag) wrote: Offensively bad. That's the plot?!

Erica S (au) wrote: this movie makes my whole body hurt, the things they do to this man even though he is a terrible man makes me feel so bad for him..

Rashidul K (nl) wrote: Don't watch. Waste of time.

Moriah F (ca) wrote: Makes me wanna get a job as a bartender and dance on the bar everytime xP

Sir A (es) wrote: A tight, clever little New Zealand comedy-thriller from back in the day when Otago had a hope in hell of getting to the NPC final, Scarfies announced the arrival of one of the most promising directing talents in New Zealand, Robert Sarkies (interestingly, Eagle vs. Shark director Taika Waititi/Cohen is one of the main actors in the film, turning in an impressive performance as morally ambiguous Alex), who, as this film shows, along with his later work on Out of the Blue (aka the Aramoana film), should really be allowed to make bigger and better films. This tale of five uni students who sell of a bucketload of marijuana they find stashed in the abandoned house they're flatting in, only for the owner of the marijuana to turn up and become their hostage, is a well-written, sharp, superbly-acted film, with the six leads (particularly 'Intruder' Jon Brazier and Neill Rea, who plays Scotty) all adding to the free-for-all of swearing and shouting superbly. The twists and turns of the plot are impressive, and Sarkies manages to make the film look quite polished (not entirely - some shots and cuts are fairly rough) on the low budget. Overall, definitely worth a look, and an impressive little addition to the New Zealand film catalogue, which is already bloated with quality.

Art S (au) wrote: The sequel to Koyaanisquatsi is a bit of a let-down in comparison to that first film. The same m. o. is in place: Philip Glass score, hypnotic multicultural images of "life in transition". But something is lacking -- the score is too slow and stately or the sequences last too long or are too similar. Ron Fricke, original cinematographer, is absent. Still some are quite striking and can make you think.

Scott A (br) wrote: Okay, anyone remember the third season of Nip/Tuck when everyone pretty much knew who serial killer was, but everyone hoped it was anyone else just for originality sake? Same deal here. It's obvious from the get go who the killer is and you just spend the next hour and forty some odd minutes hoping against hope that in the end it will be someone else...but nope. The person that basically wears the big I AM THE KILLER sign on their forehead IS the killer.I guess the cast is nice, with basically Loggia the only good character in the flick. Bridges is slimy & smug, Close is a slut and in the end you want to smack the sh*t out of her when she feels so proud for falling for the lies and Coyote is a even more smug and a scumbag of a DA too.That said the film did fly by, but mostly cause you are hoping you didn't just waste two hours waiting for the obvious...which you have...or will.So a well made thriller, with the leads being bad people and an obvious ending that a two year old could figure out.

Michael W (au) wrote: Bleak, bleak Robert Altman film has man travelling to city amidst an ice age where deadly game of Quintet is being played out. Never capitalizes on its premise thanks to its slow pace, a real underachievement for the participants. Another disappointment from the Altman camp.

matt s (jp) wrote: The reason I enjoyed this flick so much, besides the fact that it's a heist flick, is Dustin Hoffman playing against type. Watching Hoffman go Pacino-crazy-like on his parole office is an added bonus. Good for an evening view. One of the underrated, or unheard of for me, rather, gems on netflix instant.