Keskea rõõmud

Keskea rõõmud

Five people who have recently reached their middle-ages are driving through Estonia to visit a famous witch-therapist to get rid of their problems. But isn't it just weariness of life that ...

Five people who have recently reached their middle-ages are driving through Estonia to visit a famous witch-therapist to get rid of their problems. But isn't it just weariness of life that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben G (gb) wrote: Fascinating look into the concept of knowledge. Even though you leave scratching your head, you'll be smiling.

Robert G (mx) wrote: A fairly good political movie, but the 'butt' joke toward the end was too immature for me. Other than that, it was actually a pretty good political film!

Lorraine M (fr) wrote: Fantastic! Exactly like the book. The kids loved it too.

Jason M (gb) wrote: Totally engrossing from start to finish, the performances are excellent, and it builds to a very satisfying payoff. This and "Signs" are my favorite M. Night movies.

Whit w (it) wrote: The first thing to note about this movie is that it looks so much better than the TV show that it's spun from. Granted, the TV series has the disadvantage of 1980's fashion sense and some pretty bad accompanying music, but this movie was much easier on the eyes. The "wraparound" story is a pretty basic one. Debby Harry is a beautiful witch (there's an old-school broom leaning in a kitchen corner) whose captured a boy who will be the main ingredient at her dinner party. The little squirt turns out to be a resourceful catch, as he delays becoming a meal by reading the witch a trio of scary tales. First up is story called "Lot 249" starring Christian Slater and Steve Buscemi. It's an old mummy story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It's got all of the shadows and light in all the right places and looks good. When Slater flips the insanity switch, things actually get entertaining. It's not a very strong adaptation, but it's not bad, either. Next it's "Cat From Hell", a Stephen King penned, George A Romero adapted story of a cat whose killed all but one of the inhabitants of a rich CEO's mansion. That one survivor is the actual CEO, who hires David Johansen to kill the cat. Johansen attempts to kill it with all of his hitman related tools of the trade. It's annoyingly silly and Johansen is such a charicature that the whole story never materializes. The best part about this is Johansen gets it in a disgusting one-on-one with the evil cat. It's gross and it's the only thing that makes the story worth watching. But it's still more funny than frightening. Finally, "Lover's Vow" completes the trilogy and is the best story of the lot because it had a surprise ending twist. I'm not ruining anything by mentioning that this entry has a great looking gargoyle, too. Recommending "Tales From the Darkside" isn't easy but if you like the TV series, you'll be just fine sitting down to watch this.

Michael O (br) wrote: A great movie that reminds me of the days when direct to video didn't mean your getting a complete piece of shit. I recommend it if you can find a good copy.

Christopher S (ca) wrote: Definitely one of the most underrated films I have seen from the last 30 years. The story was amazing with great twists and turns. The directing by Hector Babenco was very good although I thought the pacing could have been sped up a bit. The character development of Valentin was unreal throughout the film. Raul Julia was a very underrated actor and this film was perhaps the best performance of his career which ended way too early. William Hurt was very good as Molina, and I believe broke new ground as the first straight man to play a gay man so well he won the Academy Award for his great performance (see Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, Sean Penn in Milk). Hurt during the 1980s was the best character actor in the business and Kiss of the Spider Woman was the best of them all. Must see film.

Brendan N (br) wrote: From the very opening the normal erocism of DePalma is in full speed. The seeds are all there and I was a little worried before it's revealed to be a crappy slasher film production that Travolta is doing sound work on. This basically sets into motion a thriller from the 80s that like most of DePalmas films throw logic to the wind. The whole coverup is so hilariously silly it is just one thing you need to overcome pretty quickly otherwise this won't work for you. Not the greatest film but it works very well and is one of the better films of DePalmas

Kyle O (fr) wrote: This 1978 sequel to "Escape to Witch Mountain" is pretty good, a live-action Disney classic.

James H (nl) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck uplifts this fine melodrama. She is terrific as always. Great supporting cast, good screenplay. Nicely produced, a fine classic.

Tommaso D (jp) wrote: This heartwarming tale takes advantage of Jason Segel's versatility and Ed Helm's best performance is years.The soundtrack helps a lot and really connects with the whole story.The only bad thing noticeable in Jeff Who Lives at Home is the cinematography. It looked like as if a 8 years old kid was playing with the camera.

Nate C (ag) wrote: Interesting for the first half then the movie hinged on one decision to be made by the worst and most annoying character. He had two expressions one where he furrowed his brow purse his lips and stare at the ground and the other is like the first but with his head up. If you want to see a slow moving movie that builds up to a disappointing end this is the film for you.

Shawn C (us) wrote: Oh man I forgot Denis Leary was is this, ok it gets two stars for that.