Keung gaan 3: Ol yau waak

Keung gaan 3: Ol yau waak


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:thong,  

Third entry in a Hong Kong sexploitation series that itself started as a semi-sequel to another film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Keung gaan 3: Ol yau waak torrent reviews

Rafael S (br) wrote: fascinante. alega-se que Einstein teria dito que " Se um dia as abelhas sumirem de todo o planeta, os seres humanos teriam s mais 4 anos de vida.".

John D (mx) wrote: Finally I was waiting for a DVD release for this one and it didn't disappoint me. I am not really a fan of body building competitions or the body builder themselves. Though it made me realize how dedicated these people are. It's the work ethic and the talent and the hard work, it really pays off and really hats off to them. Very well made thinking this will inspire even ordinary people not just body building but their goal to reach out. 4 out of 5

Amy H (br) wrote: Quite a boring plot it's been done a million times! Acting are not great. And definitely not scary. Not missing much if you don't watch this.

Cigs J (kr) wrote: Japanese language with subtitlesDirector \ Writer Anh Hung TranIts a good film but I feel it is overloaded with experience for the young protagonists. The entire film is based on two characters aged 19 and 20. And yet all the things they experience emotionally is way beyond that age band. Its like an older author expressing perfectly valid, shitty, end of life experiences and projecting them on to a young couple.There is no nudity (maybe a bit) but the sexual dialogue is gripping, you would never hear this dialogue in a standard Hollywood film - and that is refreshing because of the human honesty of sex. "Why did I not get wet with him? But I do with you?" and much more.The film starts with a life time three-friend group, two male friends and a common female friend. Then one male friend commits suicide. We are left with two deeply traumatised people. One - the bloke, tries to be as normal as possible - he is a thoroughly decent guy, but the girl falls apart. Towards the end I felt sorry for him - he's a normal bloke wanting sex but he gets these perverse choices - what if you are not into dom, infidelity, mental breakdown?Very interesting film.

Sean D (de) wrote: Denzel plays a HARDCORE drug dealer which stand alone made this film SAWEEEETTT!! Most of the dialogue was pure ownage as well!

Salim I (us) wrote: I've read the book, and I like this movie. But the use of profanity went too far and the ending was utter crap and was quite inaccurate to the book.

Jennifer B (ru) wrote: A really old Fred Astaire! See the classic film flicker as Fred dances and croons into your heart! :)