Kevad südames

Kevad südames

A new boy with a extremely golden voice joins a children's singing camp. Not everybody are friendly to him in the beginning but the most beautiful girl likes him. This film is about ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:66 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Kevad südames 1984 full movies, Kevad südames torrents movie

A new boy with a extremely golden voice joins a children's singing camp. Not everybody are friendly to him in the beginning but the most beautiful girl likes him. This film is about ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rahul B (it) wrote: How can u not love this if u are a Beatles fan and a road-movie fan too :)

Kevin S (de) wrote: Playing in real time, The Setup is the story of a washed up prizefighter looking for one last shot at glory. According to IMDb, the screenplay was actually based on a poem about a black boxer named Pansy Jones. The author, Joseph March, was reportedly unhappy about his character being changed to Stoker Thompson, a white man.Unlike most films about boxing, the fight scenes here seem raw and unchoreographed. Robert Ryan (who, by the way, was a boxer at Dartmouth) is completely believable in his portrayal and director Robert Wise manages to make the dark tension of the piece tangible. You can almost feel the punches and smell the sweat.

Carol H (us) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It wasn't overtly preachy yet it did manage to make its point in its own hollywoodish way. John Stamos was adorable as the gay brother to Eric Dane. The characters oozed a level chemistry and sincerity that showed you that this movie was going somewhere with its message on equal gay marriage rights and that it wasn't just ridiculous slapstick comedy.

Private U (au) wrote: My friend Dror Shaul's ode to kibbutz life in the 1970's is psuedo-autobiographical and very poignant. He shows some of the good and a lot of the bad that took place during that time and in particular focuses in on one boy's experience and his troubled mother. Well worth watching to get to know more about Israel and kibbutz life. Won the Crystal Bear prize in Berlin and the Audience Award in Sundance 2006.

Matt R (ru) wrote: This is one of the most poorly conceived, poorly written, badly acted "political thrillers" ever. I am appalled that such fine actors as Kevin Pollack and Timothy Hutton would even be ATTACHED to this piece of garbage. From moment one, nothing that takes place in the film could or would ever have actually taken place. Never in a million years would civilians be allowed to "hang out" near the President of the United States while he is waging war via satellite. TWO secret service officers enter the place and don't 1) take the cell phones and 2) the PROPRIETER'S GUN away from the civilians during this world-threatening incident? CIVILIANS just throw their personal opinions around to political officials who LISTEN AND ARE SWAYED BY THEIR IDEAS!? Total crap. Rent "The West Wing."

Sarah B (it) wrote: yet again Jon is sexy in this 2

Andrew S (fr) wrote: This is the worst prequel to the mask ever. not one mention of Stanley Ipkus or any origin story of the titular mask.

Andrew V (br) wrote: Based on the ture life story of professional British criminal John McVicar,wal why dont you ever answer me

Robert H (gb) wrote: Based on a controversial (at the time, at least) novel, PEYTON PLACE is a story about the lives and secrets of people who live in a small New England town. Also having seen a few melodramas recently, including both versions of IMITATION OF LIFE, I've noticed what does and doesn't work about these films, at least for me. Whereas IMITATION OF LIFE goes for a more sappy dramatic angle, PEYTON PLACE is more tawdry and salacious (by 50's standards), and therefore a little more interesting. The characters in this film were also better written and the performances were more restrained, so that the drama was a little more believable. The only major issues with the film are that it begins to lose steam about two hours in and concludes in a rather stuffy, dramatically inert fashion. However, it does pretty much everything else quite well. The performances were all excellent and the various plot threads were all deftly handled and given due attention, as well as being interconnected enough to drive the story without seeming episodic. And even though the score was a little overblown at times, it fit the material well. The cinematography was also great to look at, and there were some beautiful on-location shots. Overall, while it was a little overstuffed and a little too long, PEYTON PLACE is a good example of how to make melodrama compelling without resorting to least common denominator emotions.

Dave G (gb) wrote: A steady but overlong drama about an aging farmer trying to reclaim his home. Worth seeing for Hal Holbrook's performance.