Kevi Rite Jaish

Kevi Rite Jaish

The Patels, members of the Gujarati farming community, are obsessed with migrating to the United States to buy a motel.

The film is a satire on the fascination, nay, obsession of the Patels - a Gujarati farmer community - of migrating to the USA. Over the last half a century lakhs of Patels have migrated to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nat B (mx) wrote: This is second to none the worst film I have ever seen. Noel Clarke clearly massively rates himself with multiple overdone fight scenes and shots of him in his underwear. However, his acting is utterly one-dimensional (his vocal range is clearly limited to a monotone, unless of course he's trying to impersonate Brian Cox, which was just bizarre) and as a result unbelievably dull to watch, aside from those moments when it was so bad it was funny. Topped off with the cringiest last line of any film in a long time - 'How about you take control?' Excuse me while I vomit. If you want to see Noel Clarke look consistently bemused, try his hardest to get off with a beautiful woman, and do unnecessary slow punches then this is your film. Otherwise, don't waste 9.47 minutes x 10 of your life.

Don S (br) wrote: Terrible indie suspense movie built around a photographer with a fetish for creating photos of death. The story is boring, with many threads going nowhere and ending in the most ironic way - a character trying to sell the story as a novel and being told that the story is not interesting enough nor does it tell a complete story. The movie producers should have listened to the book publisher's advice.

The V (it) wrote: This extremely hard edged satire of a selfish tween girl who likes to record her life story on her Iphone is both disturbing and darkly funny. This film will surely test anyone's tolerance of spoiled brats and you may within the first 10 mins or so want to turn off this movie. PLEASE DON'T! Also don't take it too seriously. Like I said it's a satire and what Louisa Krause is doing (who plays Kelly) is giving you a VERY flattering portrayal of what some teen girls are like today. Kelly has a small fan base online. It's mostly catered to perverts that she pleasures herself to on her webcam shows. One fan, a state trooper, is smitten with her. She records every little moment of her life as a way of making herself and her fans get a window into her lifestyle. She's a typical teen with a family that loves her, but not her behavior. It becomes something they can't tolerate and when her webcam shows are brought to light during a family gathering she runs away with a best friend. They indulge (at least Kelly does) in debauchery and other shenanigans. Sex, drugs and Iphone footage of a girl who deludes herself into thinking she's the IT factor. She's not and that sad fact never comes across her mind during the duration of the film. A very disturbing, but excellent use of satire on the found footage genre. Using it as a source to attack a culture of deluded young people with their Iphones, Facebooks and other things that make them feel self-important makes the film that much more important. It shows what this type of technology can do to people especially if it's in the wrong hands who use it for wrong instead of for good. Very important this movie is and funny as hell too with a GREAT performance by Louisa Krause!

Hannah D (nl) wrote: Even though some of the scenes are very melodramatic, I did enjoy this comedy about two teenage girls who become friends through their shared adoration of a Liverpool player. There are some very dull bits, but it's worth persevering with because it does step up a gear.

Becky B (br) wrote: THis is a cliche' lonely girl meets horse movie. She goes on to do great things. No surprise there. Don't see if you're wanting something different. one thing that bugged me was that we never got into dantes family life. Why is he alone? there is a moment he looks at a photo of a woman and child and puts it down. I really wanted them to get into that, but they didn't, so that angered me a lot.

Jason M (mx) wrote: Not as good as Fast Runner, but all right. It's just nice to see something Canadian without white people and where people don't bitch about the weather.

Plainclothes Man (ag) wrote: Godard's technically brilliant attack on capitalism.

Eric H (ru) wrote: There really isn't much to not like in this one.. Pinhead gets the screen-time many of the fans wanted, and it culminates in a gory, action-packed film. Recommended to all Hellraiser fans, and those that like a little more action in their films, while still keeping it firmly grounded in horror.