Documentary about Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who was performing euthanasia in the US in 1990's

After serving 9 years in prison for assisting a suicide, Jack Kevorkian was released from prison in 2007. What followed is the amazing final chapter in the life of one of the most controversial men of our times. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Surajlivecompt s (ag) wrote: sing better than king

Jarrin R (ca) wrote: This was a pretty good movie after I actually got the whole way through it. It takes apart suburbia in a way that most films don't, actually defining deep and complex characters. Most of the cast is pretty spot on, there is a certain subtle humor to the film that can be appreciated.

Matt B (ag) wrote: "The Indian Runner" is made up of one great scene after another, but would work far more effectively if there were fewer scenes in total. It's an indulgent debut for Penn, who crafts stunningly good performances and paints them in a raw, bruised color pallete that reinforces the world-weariness of his working class characters. It's an overlong, overwrought, and beautifully crafted film with a the fundamental mystery of familial violence at its core.

Trevor E (au) wrote: his is a movie that gives anyone that watches a look into the past of America(TM)s dirty laundry, exposing the troubles that people faced during the Hollywood Blacklisting caused by the forceful and unlawful trials during the McCarthy Era. It is rare that you can find a movie that not only gives the viewer a look at the bad past in America, but also doing with such great skill. Though Merrill is a fictional character created by the talented writing skills of Irwin Winkler, the problems he faced were very real to actors, directors, and all people in the Hollywood profession. As a historical fiction based on true events there is not a film that could better show what it was like to be in Hollywood during the inquisition of the American government.Winkler not only wrote, but he also directed this epic film. Winkler(TM)s talent of directing and writing makes you not only see and understand what it was like to live in the time, but his talents combined with De Niro(TM)s great and talented acting (that brings like to Winkler(TM)s imaginary character) you get to feel what is was like for Merrill. The sudden shock when he finds that he has been named as a Communist blindsides not only the character, but the audience as well. The introduction of the character and his friends gives us mostly just his view and that of his wife, so we never truly know what(TM)s going on till he meets with the film company(TM)s lawyer. This method of directing and writing really pulled you in to the experience and the shock that he feels. De Niro(TM)s portrayal of the character is perfect, not only do you understand what Merrill is going thorough, but you feel for him and it makes you understand his decision to not play ball with the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Though he is going against the grain and taking a stand against an immoral and corrupt government that is trying to instill fear into its citizens and enemies alike, you don(TM)t view Merrill as a great Martyr or saint. Winkler shows us that he is faulted himself with a family slowly breaking apart caused by him spending months at a time away working on films and that he seems to care more for his movies than his own family; he also in the past did participate in ban the bomb rallies. His life and struggles, during this sad time in American history, are shown to us in a way that make you still like the character and want him to be a bigger man than the rest and just say no.Along with Winkler(TM)s brilliant mind and an amazing cast of characters, James Newton Howard(TM)s composition of music really sets the mood in your mind. He makes the feeling of the movie and the scenes burn in your mind and explode in the sound that matches the mood. This great team of talent might have been lost without the steady hands and great pivoting of Michael Ballhaus. His cinematography skills with Winkler(TM)s direction made the perfect combination and helped carry the movie and give it a 50s feel. With a real life feel to the times, through the sets, props, and clothing; Leslie Dilley(TM)s production design really makes it feel like the 50s, but without the whole Pleasantville and Stepford Wives feeling.This movie right now in particular is an important film, linking us to a past mostly forgotten and beginning to repeat itself. In our present time with the government using the word terrorist? to instill fear once again and unlawfully detain, question, and imprison people, we must look to this movie and the past to remember how it was for them. Today people are losing jobs from the same actions of the government that are portrayed within this movie, putting people on watch-lists and pulling them out of work to be questioned,? because someone accused them of being a terrorist. Another recent connection from the McCarthy to the present is the recent passing of the NDAA that now gives the government the right? to do all the same things that McCarthy pushed for during the Red Scare and shown within this brilliant movie.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: During the 1970's, Brian Clemens, creator of The Avengers did two films for Hammer, the first was Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971) and the second film was this one, which originally started out as the 4th Karnstein film after Twins of Evil (1972), but Clemens had other ideas, and it's an unusual Hammer Horror, but it's an enjoyable one. Captain Kronos (Horst Janson) is an ex-army soldier who travels with his hunchback assistant Professor Hieronymus Grost (John Cater) as vampire hunters. They get a message from one of Kronos' old army buddies, Dr. Marcus (John Carson), about an epidemic where young women are being turned into old hags who die. Kronos and Grost conclude that it's the work of a vampire, and even trying to find who is resonsible is harder than it looks, as whoever doing it is very elusive. But, a tip leads Kronos to the the Durward family, with whom Marcus is acquainted with, their son Paul (Shane Briant) seems to have something to hide, and there's very untrustworthy about Paul's sister Sara (Lois Daine), but Kronos thinks there's darker work afoot. It's a very good and effective horror film, and writer/director Clemens has a good deal of imagination on display too, he should have made more like this, maybe Hammer would have survived, plus, it was shelved for 2 years before it was released. Pity, as this could have been a good franchise.

Jared M (jp) wrote: I just watched the trailer. Sounds like Animation of "Monty Python", Director of "Heavy Metal" and Jack Nicholson of "Shining" scripted a baby.