Key of Life

Key of Life

Unemployed 35 year old Sakurai aspired to become an actor, but failed miserably. He decides to end his own life, but first he goes to purify himself at a public bathhouse. While there, he meets the very prosperous Kondo, who subsequently suffers a fall, erasing his memory. On a whim, Sakurai switches locker keys, steals the man's belongings, and decides to pass himself off as Kondo. What Sakurai does not know is that Kondo runs an illegal business, which brings him into contact with ornery Yakuza members. Meanwhile, Kondo has been convinced that he is actually the failed actor Sakurai and he faces the dismal reality of that life with increasing bewilderment. Fortunately, at the hospital he meets the lovely Kanae who, while yearning for marriage, goes out of her way to help "Sakurai" pull himself together. Eventually Kondo regains his memory, but before he can make a new life with Kanae, he has to solve the many problems caused by the theft of his identity.

A failed actor switches identities with a stranger at a bath house -- only to find himself filling the shoes of an elite assassin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul L (us) wrote: A fun movie filled with fanservice for fans of the TV show. It always makes me smile!

Jason M (jp) wrote: I saw a screening of this at MEC the other night. On the whole a good story, but I have to admit I did get a bit bored. They focused the whole story on a couple of the leaders and a couple of those off the back. Everyone that they focused on dropped out (for various reasons) but two. What really hit home to me was how isolated you are on the course putting in mile after mile just turning the pedals over. No one to talk to, nothing but you, your bike, and the trail/road. The eventual winner really likes the solitude this offers; an escape from the world. Those further back have a lot of difficulty with it. It is this internal mental desolation that causes a lot of them to crack. Of course they all develop overuse injuries pretty fast, but it's the psychological head games they play with themselves that push them over the edge. I learned that I don't ever want to suffer that much on a bike. Even if it would be a life changing ride. I've had my share of life changing events (including a ride or two), I'll stick to learning to DJ and racing Super Ds.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: interesting doc but be warned the center of this doc is a REAL weirdo

Wilman A (br) wrote: This movie recommend for you who seek light comedy and full of gags comedy movie. the director know how to insert the comedy jokes and when to insert that in the right time and the right place. besides considering all technically of movie, this movie is very entertaining and enjoyable. who ever thinking the ping pong sport can be the idea of comedy movie? this movie sure can.

John B (fr) wrote: Just horrible all the way around. You can't even watch a single scene without becoming completely disgusted by what you are viewing.

Kullen S (it) wrote: Wow, what a film. Talk about something that really stretches imagination. If you're a fan of Bruce Campbell or anything obscure than don't miss this one.

Kim J (nl) wrote: Gong Li and Leslie Cheung make an incredible pair, and this was my first introduction to Gong. It was emotional and surprising, holding my attention until the very end.

Muffin M (au) wrote: One of the most boring movies i have ever seen. Quite a chore to sit through.

Jason J (kr) wrote: A cracking Young Dragons film with the final fight featuring JC and Benny The Jet one of the best scraps ever seen on screen.

Dorianator F (ag) wrote: Pretty decent movie. It got boring and weird at the end though. 3 hours was definitely too long for this movie. The acting and story was good though, At least, before the end.

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