Gangster and deadbeat dad, Ulysses Pick, embarks on an unusual journey through his home.

Gangster and deadbeat dad, Ulysses Pick, embarks on an unusual journey through his home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eben B (us) wrote: It's so bad, it's good! Seriously though, a High School film project could've done a better job than this!

Catherine W (jp) wrote: Well worth the sub tittles

Samir S (fr) wrote: A deeply touching and eventually shattering tale...

Felix W (ca) wrote: "Colombiana" is a weak movie with very little tension and no real execution.Many of the scenes seem rushed and not finished there is also a lack of emotions. Saldana tries very hard to convey the emotions to the viewer but fails miserably. Throughout the whole movie the viewer never feels really comfortable and everything feels out of place. The some story lines never really line up. In the middle of the movie there is a period when all the actors, especially Saldana, try to make the situation exciting and suspenseful but that never really happens. They rather appear awkward and helpless. In a scene close to the end of the movie when Saldana's character holds another character hostage and instead of appearing threatening and though, she breaks down crying like a little girl. The whole movie seems off and out of place.As to the other cinematic elements there is not much to say. There is neither special cinematography nor directing. The music fits the movie and is often out of place and not really fitting and emotional. The story and screenplay, both written by Luc Besson, have great potential and hurts me to see such a promising story butchered and neglected in so many points like this. I read very recently that a sequel is planned and I think that a movie horrible like this should not get a sequel. All I can hope for is that they this time maybe let Besson direct the sequel and it might turn out better. In conclusion we can say that "Colombiana" was a misstep of a movie and I wouldn't watch in some time in the near future.

Shane J (ca) wrote: fun 80's horro with a party going on in a haunted houser,bit of a cult fav. the effects are pretty good for quite clearly a lower budget and not one person is a teenager which they should be as per usual in 80's teen storys. watch this over the dreadful remake any day of the week.

Pam R (au) wrote: Not much better than the book.

Steve H (kr) wrote: interesting concept and some LOL moments. worth a watch and a chuckle.

Joe P (gb) wrote: I guess I just didn't get it. Did they not pay the actors for a whole movie?