Story of a Tajik cart driver.

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Khasani-arobakash torrent reviews

Millo T (au) wrote: Probably does not bring anything new or surprising, but it is well done and probably there are never too many movies about tolerance among opposing people.

Carol M (br) wrote: It has all of FFC's creativity and finesse, my only want for the film was the Fredo family humanity which it lacked. It could have been a little more interesting.

Matt H (ru) wrote: A pretty big step down from Dogville.

Vnia M (it) wrote: Simply amazing movie. I consider it as the best Kiefer character among all his movies.l

Harry W (de) wrote: Scoring Academy Award nominations for its three leading actors and directed by James L. Brooks, Broadcast News sounded like an effective combination of talent.Broadcast News is a distinctively James L. Brooks film. The lighthearted nature of Broadcast News has its charms about it, but at the same time it comes with a pace which feels a little bit too energetic to go at the same developing rate as the story. By that I mean that there are three central characters to the narrative of Broadcast News and the film is built around their engagements with each other, and this is not always effective. Broadcast News is more important for its characters than its story which is a shame considering that there a lot of potential to explore in the area of the media industry as we saw in Sidney Lumet's 1976 satire Network. With Broadcast News, the film gets caught up focused on the personal lives of the characters and their relationships with each other as the narrative progressively clarifies that it is actually a romantic comedy-drama at heart. This is not a genre I am particularly fond of, and so when a film about working in the media industry turns into a romantic comedy I must say that I do not find much amusement. And when that kind of story ends up stretched over the course of 133 minutes there is a lot for me to find fault with. I was consistently entertained by the talents of the cast, but the story just did not keep me grasped because so many of the relationship plot points are ones that I have seen all too many times before while my hopes that the film would actually explore the media industry ended up being reduced to a subplot. Frankly, the abundance of sentimentality regarding the characters in Broadcast News does not match the same standard set by director James L. Brooks' Academy Award winning 1983 film Terms of Endearment. The difference is that Terms of Endearment was a story all about characters and their backdrop was all about relationships, but Broadcat News has the potential to be much more. And despite its critical acclaim, I felt that Broadcast News was a retread of old ground with a failure to capitalise on its potential or introduce anything new to the cinematic market aside from the talents of its cast. The entire story feels bogged down in sentimentality in all honesty, and even though the fact that there are three characters at the heart of the narrative makes it more intriguing while the lighthearted atmosphere of the film makes it easier to watch than many other similar films, the material is simply not interesting enough to justify it. By the end of it, I did not feel like I had watched a story which actually went anywhere. It wasn't the worst to watch because James L. Brooks' dedication to characters brings out the best in the cast while Bill Conti's musical score keeps the lighthearted charm of the film consistent, but that is not enough to compensate for the dull narrative.But like I said, the cast is talented and they honestly made the experience a worthy one.William Hurt is predictably effective as the lead in Broadcast News. Though audiences would be no strangers to his talents by this point considering his Academy Award history, William Hurt continues to draw viewers in with Broadcast News due to his naturally sophisticated charm in the way the he articulates his words and draws audiences in the same way he draws other characters in. It comes naturally to him because despite the sentimentality of the story, William Hurt transcends that and lets the character develop on its own which proves to be a succesful achievement in the end. His ability to create a powerful chemistry with especially Holly Hunter makes the relationships of the story more interesting, and his consistent ability to stay in character through every little detail at every point in the story is an admirable talent. He doesn't have to do too much simply because he is a naturally likable man, but when he does he really captivates audiences. William Hurt's restrained yet charming performance manages to carry the lacklustre material of Broadcast News well enough any time he is on screen, and it proves to be no challenge to him as he scores a third Academy Award nomination.Holly Hunter is perhaps the standout of the story though. Holly Hunter is the one given the strongest character of the story because at heart, it all revolved around her. Her performance ensures that this was a good decision because she brings all the drama into perspective clearly, although not as subtly as the others. The emotional state of Jane Craig is consistently intense and on the edge of breaking, and Holly Hunter conveys this through consistently talking quickly and intensively before having moments of breaking into fits of emotional relapse. But the entire time she is able to consistently maintain a charming demeanour which makes her character one that audiences can really easily care about. Holly Hunter draws viewers in with her ability to put up a charm and then unsuspectingly shocks them with her ability to turn the drama on and off at her own will without problem, so she is one of the finest reasons to watch the film.Albert Brooks is powerful in Broadcast News. His character is intriguing because of the balance between sophistitcation and subtle insecurity within which can be seen through the stare in his eyes a,d heard slightly through his line delivery. This turns him into a character who audiences can sympathise for, and yet on the same level he has a level of respectability about him which is truly intriguing. He speaks with such an intelligent understanding of all the character's material and says it so fast in a clever sendup of the stereotypical media figures. Albert Brook's natural charm is something audiences have needed to see for a long time, and so his breakout effort in Broadcast News is utterly overdue.So Broadcast News has a lighthearted charm and a brilliant set of performances from William Hurt, Holly Hunter and Albert Brooks. Unfortunately, the material beneath them is generic romantic comedy-drama material which wastes potential to explore an innovative setting on an overly long and repetitive film plagued by excessive sentimentality.

Bradley P (jp) wrote: Surprisingly heartfelt as opposed to destructive in it's representations of women, Hoffman as well as the supporting cast deliver a thoughtful story which is funny but not in the sense of degrading anyone or gender in particular.

Robert H (it) wrote: May have been groundbreaking in its day, but it sucks to watch now. The story is bizarre and may have worked better as a dream...if it wasn't already.

Emilie B (es) wrote: One of my all-time Elvis favorites. The songs are catchy, and Elvis is dreamy-looking. Of course, Elvis has the leading role in the movie, which doesn't have very much plot, but just for him being there made me watch it. He's surrounded by beautiful women, this time the one that caught his eye was a red-head who needs his help to protect her grandfather's gold! OH NO! LOL. He wasn't ever given that many great storylines, but just expected to shake those famous hips and make the ladies swoon. This movie was one of them, but it did get the reaction that it's supposed to have, Elvis Presley.

Joe M (nl) wrote: Not the typical Sandler flick. Schticky and sophomoric but with a true message of getting along and accepting one another's differences. 7-11-15

WS W (us) wrote: Thankfully it's not too preachy.