Khoka 420

Khoka 420


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Todd H (nl) wrote: Some of the worst acting in the history of movies!!

Ben K (mx) wrote: It was a poor imitation of a good cartoon.

Nicholas D (gb) wrote: This documentary explores the hidden history of the American Exploration Film and the Grindhouse theatres that we're very much relevant at one point. The movie digs deep into this often over looked category of US cinema. A fascinating story that is specific to please the film-nerd & entertaining enough for the curious viewer. Showcases great interviews & a great film clips.

Christian H (kr) wrote: Credible... now I need the antidote...

Michael M (ca) wrote: Another phenomenal classic I happened upon on Uverse recently. Such an amazing ensemble and all of them brought their A game to these eclectic characters. If you're able to appreciate more sophisticated humor above the level of basic dick and fart jokes, then I'd recommend checking this out if you haven't seen it before. Still hilarious 15 years later.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: A very dark and ultimately impressive Mystery drama--Lie Detectors Don't Tell the TRUTH!!

Dominic B (kr) wrote: Really scarey, especially Susie Porter's character! Check out Rod Taylor, only a slight bit of aging!

Jason O (au) wrote: Has its moments, but not as funny as many other Daniel Stern films. Just average.

Darren H (nl) wrote: Hide-and-Seek Champion

Eliana N (us) wrote: Danny Devito un genio. Mark re chiquitin :)

Trent G (nl) wrote: Too many secrets.Such a classic spy/sleuth/espionage film that's funny, smart, and suspenseful. Great performances by the whole cast!

Jessica H (it) wrote: very boring, but If you like the historical portion the may be quite entertained.

Amy S (jp) wrote: How hard do we think I'm going to cry during this?

Dan W (jp) wrote: Emily Lloyd's acting is very good!