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joshua s (mx) wrote: It was a great movie to learn how not to be a bad person and do the right thing not the bad thing be a nice person everyday and night to everyone need to

Rudy G (fr) wrote: This movie was terrific!

John Y (ru) wrote: Really sweet movie about a man's desire to be reunited with his children.

Leslie L (gb) wrote: they sang "So Happy Together" and that was my dad and mom's song when they were dating and I love all that music from that time.

Eric V (us) wrote: Tom and Jason...enough said

Nolan P (fr) wrote: Very rare! Never released on video or DVD. 1972 ABC TV movie of the week classic. Never released in theaters as advertised below. Highly recommend for cult status alone. Have one of the few prints left!

Brian R (ag) wrote: I really liked this picture because of the two main characters. Grey Owl/Archie Belaney(Pierce Brosnan) and Pony(Annie Galipeau) two souls who happen to have feelings for each other(their attraction is not noticable at first). Plus if you like the historic Canadian landscape, cute furry animals, and cool Native Indian culture check this picture out. "Grey Owl" is a nice movie to sit at the comfort of your home with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a warm blanket to cuddle up too. Doesn't hurt if you watch it with your loved one either.

Patrick B (gb) wrote: No good. Watch a different movie. Saw it once, never wanna see it again

Private U (jp) wrote: YEAH!!!! I think the greatest scene was when 2 mustached men wearing zebra zuba pants and purple tank tops were thrown out of a window. Plus Roddy gets laid...twice...story of my life!

Ralph R (br) wrote: This movie is a hamhock.

joey b (es) wrote: This film is from down under were the Razorbacks roam and this Razorback is one nasty looking beasty! It has some comic overtones and a few scenes that dig down into the surreal area of the directors brain - The two guys who work at the meat plant are almost as scary as the Razorback and just as nasty looking, it is nice when they get got! The main guy who is hunting for his wife is perhaps part chicken as he is very bawk bawk on screen and has no idea how to fight or how to actually try to find someone but at least he knows how to run from giant pigs...and in ending the Razorback is awesome looking from a special effects stand point because the film that was released recently called 'Pig Hunt' has a wild boar aka razorback in it and it looks pretty much the same as the razorback in razorback. It is a fun film that will keep you entertained over a weekend viewing.

Mark R (mx) wrote: If you're a fan of statham you'll be a fan of this. Full of action just as you'd expect

Brandon W (es) wrote: I'm finally up to date with the Resident Evil films, and out of all of them, Resident Evil Retribution is the worst one of the series. After the attack on the ships, Alice wakes up and realized that she's been captured by Umbrella, and has to go through all the stages, like a video game, in order to succeed. I'm glad that it starts to look like a video game, but it also backfires to the fact that I could've just play the Resident Evil games instead of watching this. The negative stuff from the previous films are unsurprisingly still in this too like the acting being awkward, except for Kevin Durand for a bit that had some dignity in himself, and the characters being so forgettable and generic, I mean, they even put in Leon S. Kennedy in this and they didn't even try to create some character development in him. The good stuff like the fight scenes and the special effects are still in this, but even some of the fight scenes are either anticlimactic, or not that exciting to watch, and also some the special effects look off too. The score by tomandandy are back, and it was honestly a little better than the previous film that they done, even though it feels like I was hearing the same song at times. There were a lot of questions that weren't answered, and didn't make any sense also. There were some fun moments in there, but I feel like for a fifth movie of the series, Resident Evil Retribution is starting to become stale, and even though I'm not a fan of the series, even after going in 5 films right now, I hope that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ends it in a big bang.

Clayton L (mx) wrote: horrible. need I say more??