Young programmer and hacker Gena meets Khottabych - a genie who can't quite understand today life realities after spending thousands of years in a lamp.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Russian,English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:magic,   old man,   bathroom,  

Young programmer and hacker Gena meets Khottabych - a genie who can't quite understand today life realities after spending thousands of years in a lamp. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Khottabych torrent reviews

Mohamed T (kr) wrote: This one made me hate McDonald's more than i hate it, so i liked it.

Skipp D (ag) wrote: Slow, boring and nothing original. So summarize, this film kinda sucked.

Dan M (gb) wrote: A complex tale buoyed by great direction and another spot on performance by Mr. Bardem.

Andrew G (mx) wrote: JCVD is a breath of fresh air. It's darkly funny, down-to-earth, and full of heart. Van Damme gives a brilliant, damn near Oscar-worthy performance, which a statement I never thought I'd say. He's at his most honest and vulnerable here; in one scene, he pulls back the curtains completely into his psyche and it's heartbreaking. JCVD is a beautiful film and proves that, not only is Van Damme an immensely talented martial artist, he's become a terrific actor as well.

Neel K (fr) wrote: Ramchand pakistani brings a smile to my face everytime he appears on the screen.Young Fazal manages to match to the level of darsheel with such ease.Watch this movie for its simplicity, realism and such sensitive handling of emotions and relations .Ramchand Pakistani is a simple tale about a young boy and his father who accidental manage to cross the border and are arrested and imprisoned.Hats off to Mehreen Jabbar !

Anthony A (ag) wrote: This was interesting but the message that this movie was bringing across is that sex slaves and other forms of human trafficking are still a thing of the present. Well no shit! The only people who don't realize this are people who are stuck in there little child minds whose parents don't want them to see the world as it truly is!

Matthew C (ag) wrote: This movie is great a little bit of a slow starter, still tho an amazing drama with a lil comedy and a bit of tear jerking at the end well worth a watch

Naoya K (ag) wrote: This is pretty damn awesome film! Ratanaruang's fourth feature is very mature love story with original atmosphere. It is a film about loneliness and loss, and DP Christopher Doyle (known well with the long term collaboration with Wong Kar-wai) does a great job to create the colour of that mood. Japanese film icon Tadanobu Asano shows, I'd say, the best performance in his long acting career - he almost perfectly assimilates himself to his character. The heroin Sinitta Boonyasak also shows a great performance like Asano. Although this is a film about isolation and sorrow, thanks to the two actors' great works, it is also filled with a feeling of a new start and hope. Modest electronic, ambient soundtrack definitely contributes a lot to create the whole atmosphere of the film. I love this kind of film which successfully describes a certain emotion without using many words.

Simon D (ca) wrote: I don't understand how James Cagney was a good choice for this film. He is well known for playing famous gangsters then suddenly he is marching up and down a stage like a frog on an electrified grid singing silly songs. One thing is consitent, he's still very annoying. He does the same awkward dance in every scene and the story, albeit maybe true, is stupid.

Nathan A (fr) wrote: I didn't like it much at all.

Katt M (ca) wrote: One thing I would say is that it's just shy of being a cult film, similar to that of Hot Rod. Something is missing, be it that's it's almost not silly enough. All the way through I kind of wanted them to take a joke a little bit further, having said that it's a really unique film and not overly American like a lot of American indie comedies.Cooties was released this month in the UK on DVD and all that, I suggest you watch it because if you like things like Zombieland, Hot Rod and Elijah Wood then you'll love this.

Glenn M (br) wrote: Good Thriller! I enjoyed it