Khu kuan puan mesa

Khu kuan puan mesa


Mit, a hotel manager in Chiang Mai, is going to Krabi to attend a wedding during Songkran festival. On the way, his car has an accident, so he has to hire Bungern, a bus owner to drive him to Krabi. The bus is tumbledown and Mit has no better choice, he is forced to take this bus. While driving to Krabi, they experience many troubles and later become new buddies who make chaos in Songkran festival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed A (es) wrote: a lot of very funny moments

Dave N (kr) wrote: Save yourself the trouble and don't watch it. It's just bad.

Glenn D (nl) wrote: strong flemish thriller with a dark theme... it's a mind killer

Safriya K (ca) wrote: hilarious movie, loved it. good songs.

John Simon V (ru) wrote: Great film....but Stig's affair with his teacher is somewhat disturbing..but over all this film is an interesting come-of-age story

Donal O (nl) wrote: Very well made, edge of your seat movie...........

Panayiota K (au) wrote: Plotless with 4 charming protagonists

Nabila G (de) wrote: Alfred Molina and Gary Oldman in the same movie. *sigh* And then Alfred Molina kills Gary Oldman with a hammer..

Darice G (mx) wrote: The over the top idiocy of the decisions the people make ruins any chance of this real world type of tragedy worth watching.

John G (mx) wrote: Relentlessly violent and filled with loony plot twists. Unfortunately, the plot twists can't save this bag of cliches: a crazy motel owner who loves his mother? corrupt cops, that nagging feeling that the fix is in. Just before the reveal, I guessed what was in the bag as a wicked joke. Yes, I was surprised to be right. Takes the recipe for decent film noir and ruins it. Maybe if it were shorter with fewer outlandish plot twists.The people behind this movie must have known how bad it was: the box office number is in the freakin' sub-basement. $48,000 in ticket sales!?BTW, DeNiro seems to be in the movie to show off his father's paintings. A worthy goal, but an unworthy movie.

Michelle K (br) wrote: Meh, it was a way to waste about an hour...after skipping the obnoxious sex scene. If you like found footage films, this one is no worse than any of the other ones out that most of them are pretty lame. A couple of decent jump scares.Phase 4 is known for OK horror concepts, they just seem to lack the budget to really execute them well. Moral of the story, if you use a Ouija board, always say goodbye.

Augustine H (gb) wrote: Apart from the bloody and unconvincing final savages, everything is perfect from Tarantino's script, Hans Zimmer's score and the cast, highlighted by the Sicilian scene between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken.