A half-striped zebra is blamed for the drought and leaves his herd in search of his missing stripes. He is joined on his quest by an overprotective wildebeest and a flamboyant ostrich; they defeat the tyrannical leopard and save his herd.

Rejected by his superstitious herd, a half-striped zebra embarks on a daring quest to earn his stripes but finds the courage and self-acceptance to save all the animals of the Great Karoo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Knox M (au) wrote: It's an unforgiving ripoff of Toy Story which may prove fun for the kids but a bore for adults and teenagers.

WS W (ca) wrote: A good-hearted placebo it is. Being a film, it is however so awkward & odd in tone.

Fallon B (ca) wrote: Temple Grandin is an incredible look into the autistic mind. As someone on the spectrum, I can attest to its accuracy.

Matt R (kr) wrote: A left wing hack piece that actually allows former DNC chair Terry MacAuliffe to preach campaign ethics...horrible.

Matthew D (ca) wrote: after homecoming anyone?

Joseph P (de) wrote: I finished watching Dakota Skye. You (Lillian) will disagree with me when I say that I did not like the movie at all. I usually love watching Indie films because of alternative story lines that are not so "Box Office". However, this movie was simply bad. I love that the main character has the power to tell when people are lying, but I feel that the movie did not execute this idea very well. It was to the point where Dakota having this "power" was unnecessary for the overall plot of the movie. At one point of the movie, I forgot that she even had this "power".The acting was so awkward and terrible that I could tell that these people were in fact acting. The dialogue may possibly be the cause of bad acting because it was just so bland, and did not flow to tell a story. Characters would speak to each other, and would respond in an unconscious enunciation of lines. The pace of the movie was slow, and predictable.The direction of photography was pretty bad too, for all the shots were in no way artistically thought of when I think "Indie film". The camera would shoot a scene in simple shots, and neglected other angles that would have portrayed scenes in a different or better way. The photographic directions is what I love about "Indie Films", and to not see this in Dakota Skye was a real letdown.However, the main reason I did not like Dakota Skye is because of the main character Dakota Skye. She is an angst filled, unambitious, and aloof young woman who is unsympathetic to the world and the people around her. There were multiple times in the film where I shouted out, "Oh god get over yourself already!" I seriously wished that they had a character that would knock Dakota off the pedestal that she puts herself on. I wish someone would just say, "Is your life really that difficult because you can tell when people are lying? Like really? Is that why you're such a bitch to everyone? Fuck Off Dakota, you promiscuous whore slut". I compared her to a "Lame version of April Ludgate (from Parks and Recreation)". (I'm not saying that Dakota is based on April, for this movie did in fact come out before Parks, but comparing these two characters to establish the negatives I have with the character of Dakota).Let's face it, the actress playing Dakota was horrendous and over- "acting" to be a character who is angst filled, unambitious, aloof, promiscuous, under-age to have sex woman.Dakota does not care for anyone's bullshit, and unfortunately for Dakota, I do not care for hers. That's why I give this movie a C- , and I'm not lying when I say C-

ladee ceeah k (ca) wrote: dats right just shut da hell up n kiss me

Dennis A (fr) wrote: A guy's movie. O'Hara is so cute and feisty. And the pirate king Morgan was very amusing as he had to put up with foppish island council and made his wise cracks re: O'Hara--e.g. "that idiot child" And, of course, lots of shipboard fighting. I could have done without the "3 times" soppy bit--It ruined that attractive edge of O'Hara's character.

Rusty S (au) wrote: Fulci's magnum opus.

Raphael H (fr) wrote: John Cleese's maniacal energy help this zany and overlooked farce stand out. He hasn't done anything as good since.

Bradley K (fr) wrote: Pulp, yes, but gorgeous pulp.

Mickey F (jp) wrote: A slam-bang performance by Walter Huston in his final film steals it. (Catch his last line.) Stanwyck is superb (naturally) as the worshipping daughter who's turned against him when he goes too far.

Paul S (kr) wrote: Slow but even paced. Kept me wondering what's coming next. Great acting from Sam Rockwell and the whole cast. I liked it ??

Herb A (jp) wrote: "Avengers Grimm" is B movie fun where 5 seductive female fairy tale characters escape into our world to track down Rumpelstiltskin, portrayed with verve by Casper Van Dien. Lou Ferrigno also appears in this as an interesting villian. As long as you know this is low budget made to look good fun, then you will enjoy a look into this hybrid fantasy world. I thought it was a fun ride.

Carl M (de) wrote: Stephen Reinhart quickly realizes that something is amiss when he arrives at his fianc's ancestral estate. Nahum, the family patriarch, appears to be hiding some dark secret in the bowels of the basement, and it is up to Stephen to find it! DIE, MONSTER, DIE! is quite typical of the 1960's Gothic Horror films that were released by American International Pictures at the time, reaching for (but not quite achieving) the same level of success as Roger Corman's Edgar Allan Poe series. This H.P. Lovecraft adaptation is rich only in mood and setting, but falls flat on suspense or any true horror. Nick Adams is better than usual, and Boris Karloff makes the most of what he has been given. DIE, MONSTER, DIE! makes a valid attempt to bring several of Lovecraft's creatures to life in Witley's hidden museum of horrors, however dated the effects may appear some fifty years later. Director Daniel Haller's knack for production design shines out overall in this otherwise unnoteworthy feature.

Jason S (kr) wrote: it was ok not the best