A young swordsmith dreams of becoming a soldier, and his connections get him into the army. He falls for a lady of higher social status, and this provokes conflict with an ambitious sergeant.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:epic,  

A young swordsmith dreams of becoming a soldier, and his connections get him into the army. He falls for a lady of higher social status, and this provokes conflict with an ambitious sergeant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Redfoo M (ag) wrote: holy hel this has the real lewis best film evaar

A B (ru) wrote: Took me a long time to fully appreciate this movie. I didn't get it when I was younger.

Sterlin R (ru) wrote: The T.V Show, "Jackass", was pretty much a censored version of this movie. But with this movie, they uncensor swearwords and it's on a bigger screen. Because of that, this is a good movie.

Kiesha L (gb) wrote: im in love with method man

David H (nl) wrote: Although it's not completely clear this film appears to be about the notion that "people always smile in photos" and that photos can often hide the underlying issues, being only shallow. There are lots of suggestions to this throughout the film, including the jokey way strip joints, robbery, child care, insanity are portrayed, as well as a number of lines in the film which suggest it and the last bit, "I think I might make a film now"... The film presents a musical version of Baltimore but contains the same concepts that a more hard hitting film would.

John W (es) wrote: If the producers had the awareness to avoid injecting the 80's into this movie, it may have been good and timeless. But they didn't and it's not.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Another potentially great historic war drama sacrificed on the alter of commercial expediency. Don't be fooled by the appearance of Robert Mitchum - The Longest Day this is not. Historically inaccurate. Why on earth did the script writers replace Generals Clarke and Lucas with Generals "Carson" and "Lesley"? Were they worried that they would be sued for portraying the real generals as incompetent?The military tactics were bizarre and very unrealistic. An ambush involving fake straw stacks, and then, rather than opening fire, the Germans tell the Americans to throw down their weapons and surrender. Sounds like a cop movie!Then, of course, there is the obligatory appearance in a 1960s WW2 movie of 60s vintage American M-48 tanks, masquerading (very unsuccessfully) as both American Sherman tanks and German Panthers / Tigers / Panzer IVs.The plot even involved Robert Mitchum as some sort of preachy anti-war type, going on in long diatribes about how war is wrong, sometimes to squad members in the middle of gunfire!Some of the firefight scenes were fairly good though, especially the final one, with the German snipers.Overall though, very disappointing.

Allan C (gb) wrote: Fluffy Rock Hudson/Doris Day comedy. Hudson mistakenly thinks he is terminally ill and decides to put his affairs in order, the main one being finding a suitable husband for his wife, Day. Rock's goofy buddy, Tony Randall, is on hand to help him out with the task. It's a pretty forgettable comedy, but entertaining and inoffensive. And for my money, Paul Lynde steals the show as an aggressive cemetery plot salesman. Viva Lynde!

Mitchell B (au) wrote: Not the best Bond film, but still pretty cool

Lewis E (mx) wrote: Here's one for all you gym junkies. Documentary following a group of body-builders as they each strive to be crowned Mr Olympia. Provides solid insight as you get close and personal with the body-builders, getting a glimpse of their personal lives and the individual motivations they each harbour in wanting to win the world's most prestigious prize. Likely would have benefited from being more informative on their specific training programme or diet but this is probably because it is concentrating on the competitors themselves rather than the regimes.Still prefer documentaries that tackle more serious and darker issues but it does well to challenge the perspective of body-builders as mere arrogant steroid takers, instead portraying them as human beings who work extremely hard for their own personal dreams of glory.