Khushi (Telugu: ఖుషి, English: Happiness) is a Telugu film which released on 27 April 2001 and was directed by S.J. Suryah. Pawan Kalyan, Bhoomika Chawla and Sivaji paired up for the first time in this film. The music composed by Mani Sharma was a huge hit. Kushi is one of the most successful film starring Pawan Kalyan. Kushi is a remake of Tamil film of the same name.

Khushi (Telugu: ఖుషి, English: Happiness) is a Telugu film which released on 27 April 2001 and was directed by S.J. Suryah. Pawan Kalyan, Bhoomika Chawla and Sivaji paired up for the first time in this film. The music composed by Mani Sharma was a huge hit. Kushi is one of the most successful film starring Pawan Kalyan. Kushi is a remake of Tamil film of the same name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dwayne R (de) wrote: Stunning photography, both of Earth and "out there". Wish I'd seen it in IMAX theater!

Seena F (br) wrote: slightly harder work than I imagined, but it is carefully paced and well made

Kyle O (mx) wrote: Guilty Pleasure Movie

Ahmed H (gb) wrote: Not the ending we hoped for but it was logical anyhow. It was fun to watch. Could have been better.

Susie P (ag) wrote: never tire of watching this film ... I love those bloody bulls !

Megan P (jp) wrote: This movie entertained me. ^_^

Sam P (de) wrote: A great movie by Nuri Bilge Ceylan demonstrates the physical and psychological distance between us in life.

Jlio A (ca) wrote: Que suspense bom, mais um da lista que voc no deve saber absolutamente nada pra poder curtir.Surpreendente a todo momento. S assistindo pra crer!

Nicole F (de) wrote: The musical numbers were not really that entretaining and they were a little out of place. Specially the one that pedro does after shagging Sonia. However the characters are lovable and endearing, even as disfunctional as they are. And the fight between Pedro and Javier is so funny. I liked the ending, it was believable, once a cheater, always a cheater.

Dave I (jp) wrote: Gotta finish off the series.

Diogo B (us) wrote: O filme todo, emulando um "barato" constante, como uma daquelas fabulosas campanhas antidrogas dos anos 90. Erguido num exagero dramtico de eficcia pattica.

Barbara C (ag) wrote: John Hannah is the reason to watch this movie. I loved every scene he's in with Gwyneth Paltrow and I liked her best when the two were together. I might need to marathon through a few Hannah movies/shows just to get my infatuation out of my system. The character he played understood the seriousness of life and convincingly played it as though it was always going to be possible to get to the good side of a bad situation. Basically, he's super hot and I've watched it more than once just to see him. I'm a loser with this one.

Fascade F (jp) wrote: This is one edge of your seat thriller...that I never knew of...Both Harvey Keitel and Cameron Diaz had 'killer' instincts in this movie well into the end...see this....

Prudence H (ag) wrote: Amazing movie! Kyra Sedgwick did very well!

Blake M (gb) wrote: The quintessential romantic comedy. Bon Jovi's performance was acceptable, given his small part, and the female ensemble is remarkable. Look for an early appearance by Jeremy Sisto as well.

Michael T (mx) wrote: Sluggishly paced, unnecessary remake of a remake.

Blake P (nl) wrote: "I Love You to Death" is a farce with a capital F, and the sooner you get used to its off-the-wall, absurdist style of comedy, the more you'll come to value its actors, its sanguine brand of self-assured screwiness. It stars Tracey Ullman as Rosalie Boca, a sunny force of a woman married to Joey (Kevin Kline), a mettlesome Italian with whom she co-owns a pizza parlor. They've been happily married for years - we can tell by the way Rosalie looks at him that she's as in love with him as she was when they first started going out. Unbeknownst to Rosalie, though, Joey is a womanizer who oftentimes sleeps with a woman a day. He isn't very sneaky about it - at one point he cracks that she could easily find out and not much care - and part of us is impressed by the way his libido is able to hold up so substantially. But the more time we spend with Rosalie, the more our heart breaks. Here is a woman who is perfectly content with what life has to offer her, completely unaware that the biggest component of her happiness is riddled with lies. So when she inevitably discovers her husband's infidelities, her drastic reaction - first to kill herself (which fails), then to kill her spouse - doesn't seem too far off. What would you do if your life went from ideal to doomed in the blink of an eye? Enlisting the help of her mother (Joan Plowright) and a younger employee who has a crush on her (River Phoenix), Rosalie doesn't waste time in the potential murder of her mate. She plans to spike a spaghetti dinner with two containers of sleeping pills, distinctly unworried about the consequences. But the scheme surprisingly doesn't prove to be all too fruitful; hours pass by and Joey appears to be as good as new. Frantic energy mounts and the trio of plotters decides it might best to shoot the man after he falls asleep - but the bullet barely grazes his head, leaving him injured but still very much alive. Murder attempts continue coming at a heated pace (dumbed down hitmen played by William Hurt and Keanu Reeves are even brought in at one point), but Joey establishes himself as being virtually unkillable, to the dismay of the people who want him dead and to us, who somehow take a liking to Rosalie's less-than-moral ways of dealing with marital trouble. By the time the night of murderous offenses comes to a close, however, Rosalie is hit with the realization that manipulating the livelihood of her husband may actually be the thing that could save her marriage. "I Love You to Death" is unarguably unbelievable and fit with a premise that I'll be the first to admit doesn't work quite as well as it would like. It excuses its implausibilities by reminding us that it is based on a true story (a shock), but any woman as quick as Rosalie to decide that killing her husband is the only way to grapple with infidelity is more than likely to be not so emotionally stable. But the movie establishes her as being a woman of warmth and good-nature; when she descends into the role of a would-be murderess, we are minutely convinced that she'd go from caring to venomous in an instant. But "I Love You to Death" is all the more distinct because it so frequently reaches for the undoable; it's a black comedy with a strange sense of humor, a bizarre way of moving its plot along, and a gang of characters that are more mercurial and cartoonish than they are three-dimensional. I want to pan it for its messiness. And yet, it maintains a commendable likability that turns us away from adversity. Its ensemble is fetchingly screwball, and its director, Lawrence Kasdan, provides it with the necessary asinine oomph to make its derisiveness all a part of the charm rather than a pernicious flavoring. I won't be remembering it and you won't be either - but black comedies only infrequently work as well as "I Love You to Death" does, and for that, I must give it credit, even if I have to swallow my pride in the process.

Tyler P (gb) wrote: The movie that popularized mockumentaries does not hold up for me, 30+ years after it's release. Today's influx of mockumentary sitcoms might be to blame, ironically.

Jim R (us) wrote: Great movie and plug for the Boy Scouts of America

Scott K (jp) wrote: Begins as an amazing, Philip K. Dick type science fiction story that suddenly becomes a possibly unintentional commentary on filmmaking. Brilliant. Try to guess the ending :)