Pratap Kumar Srivastav travels from Shyam Nagar to Bombay, and gets hired by his father's friend, Ram Prasad. He rents a room in a Chawl in Borivali's 'Asha Manzil' where his friend, Gopal ...

Pratap Kumar Srivastav travels from Shyam Nagar to Bombay, and gets hired by his father's friend, Ram Prasad. He rents a room in a Chawl in Borivali's 'Asha Manzil' where his friend, Gopal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Khwab torrent reviews

ricky l (kr) wrote: Super hit!!! Loves it super powers!! Everything in it full on masala movie with emotions!!!!Love it!!! After Long time this type of movie!!!!

Dustin P (br) wrote: It's a very odd film. None of the characters behave like real people, which often led to confusion instead of laughter. There were many times where my wife & I turned to each other to say things like "who are these people?" and "who acts like that?". Not saying that films HAVE to be realistic, but I think a bit more realism could have made the characters more relatable and memorable.

Harsh C (ag) wrote: Looked interesting to start with but half way through it was obviously not going anywhere so didn't bother watching the rest.

Cristian I (es) wrote: ok so this movie is SUPER CHEESY.....the fight scenes are 100% real soooooo you watch it and tell me what you think about it

Michael A (de) wrote: The ending really killed this movie for me..not only is it way too long but it doesn't really answer any questions.

Juhani L (ag) wrote: I just couldn't get into this movie. Poor acting with stupid plot. What else can I say? "Our heroes end up on the run from the Satanists, the drug dealer they stole the stash from, and a gang of angry little people all while trying to pull off a heist of their own." WTF really!?

jesse k (mx) wrote: What's the deal with Will Smith's ears?

Tim W (fr) wrote: Classic, cute, and funny, even clever at times. Entertaining for kids, but also for the adults inner child. I hate dog movies, but this is a delightful exception. The characters were great.

Rebecca R (au) wrote: I found Jennifer a fabulous trinket in the web of this storyline.

Manu G (de) wrote: The future's most wanted fugitive.Good enough movie! The plot was a cliche cyber-thriller and you must have known that even just buy the back of the box or the trailer. It delivered a plot that was kind of cool, an star that does some one-liners, and action. If these three things were not what you wanted from this film then you shouldn't have went. It just delivers an action/adventure movie, nothing short of what promised. Don't be critical on films that are obviously intended as sheer dumb fun from start to finish... if these scripts even tried to be thinker, they'd be boring. Overall, its a very interesting sci-fi flick which has its ups and downs.In 2021, the whole world is connected by the gigantic Internet, and almost a half of the population is suffering from the Nerve Attenuation Syndrome (NAS).Johnny with an inplanted memory chip in his brain was ordered to transport the over loaded information from Beijing to Newark. While Pharmakom Industries supported by yakuza tries to capture him to get the informaiton back, the Low-tech group led by J-Bone tries to break the missing code to download the cure of NAS which Johnny carries.

Rania A (ru) wrote: I've seen this film many times and enjoy it each time, even if it isn't fantastic, i enjoy the action packed scenes and cheesy costumes. A less than thrilling opening for the t.v. series.

Mattias E (it) wrote: Written and produced by Wong Kar Wai before he got his break. There's hardly any trace of him here though. Badly structured, tedious movie. Not even Chow Yun Fat is his usual charming self.

Graham L (au) wrote: This is an exquisitely bad movie, without a doubt one of the worst science fiction films of the 1980s. Amateurish actors struggle to deliver dialogue that didn't make sense in the first place and is being made worse by their awkward, hideous delivery. A savage monster that looks like a cross between a caterpillar and a hairless puppy and is brought to life by a barely mobile sock puppet. A spaceship set which is only navigable by moving through tiny crawlspaces. The ineptitude of this schlock is so extreme that no one who claims to be a bad movie enthusiast can afford to miss it. 0 stars for quality, 2 stars for the uproarious laughter it inspires.

Carlos I (nl) wrote: Classy thriller that's much in the vein of Duel or various Hitchcock. Stacy Keach is great in it. The score seems oddly out of place though...

George K (mx) wrote: A must see for anyone who wants to know more about this young woman from Port Arthur, TX.