Kiccha Huccha

Kiccha Huccha

Sudeep works as a henchman. His boss adores him and sees in him extraordinary fighting abilities. One day, Sudeep stumbles upon Ramya, who works for a local NGO, which fights injustice. A quarrel ensues between them. They soon realize that it was a meeting of hearts and soon start to admire each other. Ramya works towards transforming Sudeep from an emotionless henchman to a lovable, kind-hearted guy.

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Justin W (jp) wrote: Largely forgettable, lacking a lot of what made the original film entertaining. The dialog is stiff, not to mention hard to hear. I don't know if it was just my TV, but the audio was all over in this film. One minute its blaring, the next its really quiet. The action is good, but mostly hard to believe things would really happen. While its interesting to see a take on the Afghanistan war, the premise really lacks depth. It reminded me of a terrible Saving Private Ryan, only with a female that needs saving.

amber r (us) wrote: love this movie.lots of action

Krysta R (jp) wrote: In Barbie movie comparison, very good. Yay for butterflies!

Pei W (es) wrote: Imaginative, quick and humorous!!!

Jenn T (gb) wrote: Well I don't watch very many alien abduction movies but it was alright, pretty normal horror movie.

John P (es) wrote: A student project on Alan Moore. Nuff said.

Niloo R (de) wrote: i really liked this film!! it was a bit tough to understand their accent at first but you get used to it. the premise was really simple, but it was very well done!

Ann L (au) wrote: DIVIDED WE FALL A strange tale, but I liked it because it is ultimately uplifting although not exactly in the way that I would have expected. This wartime drama is reputed to be based upon the true-life experience of a small group of residents living in a quaint Czech village which comes to be invaded and occupied by the Nazis in the early stages of WWII. The story recounts how the villagers' lives, especially one young couple's life, are changed if not turned upside down because of this and, as a result, how their relationships with friends, co-workers, and neighbors changes. Over the next few years as their situation becomes increasingly dire under a load of German rules and restrictions replete with stiff penalties for their observance, everyone tries to survive as best they can by helping each other (a nod to the Czech title) as they are able and willing to do so. This means that sometimes hard choices must be made and, as always, this means that certain trade-offs need to be met. But even when Russian troops overtake the area and the Nazis are pushed out, the trouble doesn't end there for these poor people as other difficulties present themselves. At heart this is a story about sacrifice and forgiveness and doing what it takes to get along for these villagers.

Nikolaj Z (mx) wrote: The only DVD out of the trilogy to have special features (besides trailers). One special feature is an interview with Godfrey and Glass; both admitting that their first two films (Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqatsi) were both "experiments," and that's exactly how those first two movies felt to me.What's unique about this final installment in the trilogy is that (after having the practice) Godfrey decides to shoot only 20% percent of the film's footage; the other 80% is all global stock footage. This is what initially intrigued me; however, Godfrey decides to use simple computer effects to manipulate/distort the imagery into something different (on some shots, this actually seems to work; but for the most part, it's boring). After watching the prequels, I was really hoping the director would use the same techniques and apply them to OTHER people's footage (see my reviews on the prequels). I guess that theory didn't satisfy Godfrey, so he decided to be more "creative" and experimental with this third installment. It would've been nice to see, after 25 years of practice, a movie that was "better" than its predecessors.On a final note, this movie has the most boring compositions by Philip Glass (at some points, I almost forgot there was even music playing). It was very frustrating to watch all three of these films and continually be disappointed with the final product. However, after watching these projects, I now feel more confident in my own film making/editing abilities.

Brody M (au) wrote: Another dud starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

Michael F (au) wrote: Bizarre, direct-to-video post-Scream turn for Christopher Plummer, Margot Kidder, and Tatyana Ali. Really second-rate and entirely unoriginal, but earns relatively high marks for not skimping on the gore and sleaze factor. Also, its surprisingly good cinematography amazingly recaptures the dark and murky feel of 1980s Canadian slashers.

Greg W (nl) wrote: good songs well crafted and a pregnant Madonna, can u tell she is?

Zach M (de) wrote: This was an alright movie about a kid who idolizes Chuck Norris and wants to be healthy, able to stand up for himself. Jonathan Brandis, Chuck Norris and Beau Bridges were all fairly good.

Marc B (br) wrote: Fantastic and funny. A favourite since my youth, despite the need and want to slap Elisabeth Shue for portraying the annoying Lori..

MEC r (de) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Joshua L (ca) wrote: Weird fucking bloody slasher flick Grindhouse style!!!

Keith A (it) wrote: This is my favorite of all the Airport disaster films

Wednesday T (jp) wrote: Ringo is hilarious! There are so many stars in it too.

Gaspar O (ag) wrote: The Australian (and original) version of Chuck and Larry. Not bad at all.

Will G (au) wrote: Surprising freshness and appeal in its leads - don't be turned off by mores of the teacher but rather accept the director's vision that this is a first romance as seen from the girl's POV. This provides then a good parallel world to the one adults live in and the inevitable clash is sublimely dealt with.