Kalyan (Ravi Teja) is a kind of guy who prefers a life full of thrills than leading a regular life style. He seeks kick in whatever he does. He finds liking in Naina (Ileana). They separate due to differences. Krishna (Shyam) is a young cop who is in lookout for a big ticket thief who happens to be Kalyan. Meanwhile, Naina agrees for an engagement with Krishna. The rest of the story is all about how Kalyan wins back his lady love and the real intent behind the robberies of Kalyan.

A guy with an abnormal lifestyle tries to find thrill and pleasure in every work he does and finally becomes a thief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kick torrent reviews

Sophia L (de) wrote: Not bad but acting suffered near end.

Tracy C (ru) wrote: A totally average movie that isn't a total waste of time.

Christine P (fr) wrote: Maybe it's better enjoyed if you've read the book? If so, I'll read the book.

Ryan B (mx) wrote: Really not as bad as everybody says. Pretty solid film from horror master John Carpenter. While it had its dumb moments, there were a few twists and turns that were really interesting.

Michael T (de) wrote: Lovingly produced documentary.

William R (it) wrote: Tommy Lee Jones's great retrained performance makes this anti-war murder mystery drama effective and worthwhile

Jarek M (ag) wrote: Great pastiche of horror slasher movies.

Eylem E (mx) wrote: The team of thesp Tim Allen and helmer John Pasquin reunite for a third round of box office alchemy in the pleasant "Joe Somebody." Cleverly positioned just two days after "The Lord of the Rings'" opening, this benign, PG-rated venture should serve as ideal counter-programming for parents of younger children and families seeking to avoid long "Rings" lines. While the sheer glut of holiday product seems sure to keep "Joe's" grosses closer to those of 1997's "Jungle 2 Jungle" than to 1994's "The Santa Clause" (which remains Allen's highest-grossing live action pic), Fox can expect a comfortable ride through the holiday season with this agreeably commercial attraction.

Scott A (ag) wrote: My whole rating is basically for the effects and the hotness that is Barbara Crampton.I had heard really good things about this one, but the story was just stupid to me and some of the actions of the characters were puzzling to say the least.The never really explained why Crampton became an S&M girl at one point in the film, or why when fighting a giant snake creature, Foree goes to fight with only a tiny knife dressed in only red manites. ;)Most of the acting goes more on the bad side, and even Crampton who I liked for most of the film, ends the film on an awful note.The effects are why you should see this movie. Besides a few flying snake CGI shots that are bad, everything else is practical and looks great.But at the end I think they thought a ton of good effects, and the you know it's coming Crampton nude scene, would make you forget there wasn't much put into the story sadly.

uncle walty (us) wrote: check out Jim Brown pretty much playing himself

Cj W (us) wrote: Winter Light is the 2nd film in Bergman's "trilogy" of films concerning his own struggle with faith and God's silence. Bergman wrote and directed this film that few films can match in its vision of how our faith works. Also, it is one of Bergman's most boldly philosophical films. The film follows a Catholic priest, Tomas, who practices the daily routines of his faith, but is so internally worried about God's silence that it actually drives him to be physically unwell. The narrative is actually very simple, amounting to mainly just conversations about Tomas' faith, and faith in general. The best of which occur between Marta and Tomas; the scene where Tomas reads Marta's letter is one of the most profound scenes I have ever seen. And Bergman creates a cold and harsh atmosphere that represents Tomas' nihilistic view of the world during his struggle with God's silence. But then there is the scene where the young organ player talks to Tomas about Christ's struggle with God's silence on the cross, and if I were religious, this would honestly be the most spiritually uplifting scene I have ever seen. This film was the film that really exposed me to Bergman's brilliance as a writer, and his unparalleled brilliance as a visual artist. It is definitely essential viewing.

Howard M (au) wrote: I have seen this movie numerous times! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

Catherine S (ca) wrote: Step away from the formula movies at Blockbuster, Run (don't walk) to Scarecrow on Roosevelt and get this Film. Beautiful, beautiful.

William R (ca) wrote: A slow burn political thriller drama that can't keep my interest

Simon D (es) wrote: I can certainly see why this won the first ever best picture oscar. I bet there weren't many directors out there that knew how to make a film like this. The war scenes were very realistic, for 1927. One of the best silent films I've seen.