Kick Ass Girls

Kick Ass Girls

Boo, Miu and TT each are facing problems with life, friendships and love, and decides to go on their journey to Malaysia due to an attractive pay job. In the hope of returning with a wealthy lifestyle, they found themselves in the trap of mysterious lady Zhu Ge. They soon realized that their task is not as simple as it looks, Zhu Ge is not merely a troublesome rich lady, but there is a significant plot behind. The girls were forced to get into a brutal boxing tournament, and found themselves trapped in a huge underground maze. At the brink of death, they deftly fight the syndicate with the combination of high heels, bras and female intelligence, creating a wild comedy.

Boo is a manager of a boxing club with her close friend TT, but after rivaling a guy, they decided not to work together again. Then Boo hires a homeless girl named Miu to establish a boxing club that is full of beautiful girls to attract male customers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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