Kicking the Dog

Kicking the Dog

Twelve friends spend one last great summer together, partying and reminiscing, ultimately realizing they will soon go their separate ways in life

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:beer,   dog,   party,  

Twelve friends spend one last great summer together, partying and reminiscing, ultimately realizing they will soon go their separate ways in life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan M (ca) wrote: This film was confusing and hard to watch. The lack of close ups keep the audience from seeing the emotion and getting attached to the characters. Reading the text through the scrolls was a good idea but I couldn't stand them by the half way point. No real hook and I can truly say I wouldn't watch this again.

Art L (ca) wrote: Funny enough loser to winner campy comedy

Marilee A (de) wrote: This Manipulative Teacher, Miss G(Eva Green) will stop at nothing to get her way & cover her tracks.

Roxanne R (kr) wrote: This is a raw and desperate tale of survival in the big city (New York) with Leguizamo as an unemployed boxer with a shady past and his wife played by Leonor Varela. When they are evicted from their New York City apt, they have no choice but to move into a homeless shelter with their two kids. After a few difficult months, a glimmer of hope arrives Christmas Eve since a nearby housing project has an apartment available immediately. The catch is that Frank (Leguizamo) needs a job in order to qualify. So while the rest of the city prepares for Christmas, Frank and his 10 year old step-son hit the cold streets trying to find a job by day's end so that the family can have a home on Christmas morning. In the vein of The Pursuit of Happyness and Eric Brockovich comes another (not as phenomenal) story of hope, despair, survival, and endurance. This family refuses to break apart during the darkest time of their lives, discovering in the process that they will survive as long as they have each other. I could not give it four stars because I did not agree with the way Frank treated his step-son. Just because you show tenderness and love to your son does not mean you are gay! His character is very homophobic and he leaves a lot to be desired in terms of his parenting skills. Along the film you also will find out he does not know how to read nor write! Relying on a 10 year old to read job wanted ads on the paper, helping him seek employment- what a parent! Good film overall but this guy leaves a lot to be desired as a parent and as a husband.

Brian S (gb) wrote: One of the best movies ever made in cinema, full of social satire on American society and a very shocking, fantastic twist in the middle of the movie. Fight Club is a very entertaining movie, with a ingenious screenplay and some great actors, even the soundtrack is really cool. It will always be one of my favorite flicks. Recommended !!

Duncan K (es) wrote: Some of the humor is dated, but it still effectively makes fun of the secret agent genre.

Graham W (ag) wrote: A powerful story of love, loss, violence and cultural awakenings. Not for the faint hearted, this film contains some of the most extreme scenes of domestic abuse I've witnessed. Compelling stuff!!!

Scott C (mx) wrote: At least Carl Weathers had charisma. Whatever happened to him?

Lee M (us) wrote: Best to see it as an insight into the working mind of a man who is, for better or worse, one of contemporary cinema's true visionaries. Only in that sense is it an interesting, occasionally even fascinating, ride. It's an obsessed film that is too murky to be great cinema, but interesting enough to remain intriguing.

Charles P (fr) wrote: The inexplicable fantasy elements, the glaring neon lights, the endless rollerblading - for all the wrong reasons (or perhaps the right ones), Xanadu is at the very least moderately amusing in its stupidity.

Greg B (fr) wrote: An off-beat Brecht like take on the western. It's not a great film but it is perhaps one of the more interesting foreign films I have seen. Excellent cinematography and production design.

Andrew M (br) wrote: A welcome addition to the carry on collection. Considered as one of the best and with spot on casting and the usual wit it proves to be a winner.

Edith N (nl) wrote: Not That You Want Them to Succeed Anyway By 1959, the US military had desegregated. Little Rock Central High School was being desegregated. Buses were being desegregated. Sit-ins were beginning to desegregate lunch counters. Heck, the National Hockey League was desegregated, as much as it ever really has been. However, to this day, there are people who resent this. A current, and depressing, theme in some circles is "put the white back in the White House." And so in 1959, it is hardly surprising that there is a white man who is not interested in working with a black man--even if the job he is not interested in doing with a black man is knocking over a bank. What is much more surprising is that a film noir was made in which the black man was something approaching the hero--a criminal, yes, but a criminal with an understandable motivation. This couldn't have done much at the box office, all things considered--even Nat King Cole couldn't find a national sponsor for his TV show. Johnny Ingram (Harry Belafonte) is a gambler. He would be making a decent living as a calypso entertainer, but he gambles and loses and is heavily in debt. He is also being followed by ominous men, who keep an eye on him enough to be able to threaten his ex-wife, Ruth (Kim Hamilton), and their daughter, Edie (Lois Thorne). In order to pay them off, Johnny finally agrees to rob a bank with Dave Burke (Ed Begley). However, the third person in the scheme is Earle Slater (Robert Ryan). Earle is from Oklahoma, which is more Southern than a lot of people realize. He has definite views about blacks, and that does not include the slightest interest in knocking over a bank with one. However, for some reason, Dave thinks that Johnny and Earle are the right people to help him. What's more, neither man has much else in his life. Earle feels that his life is worthless because his wife, Lorry (Shelley Winters), is the one earning the money. There isn't an awful lot of plot to the movie. It's mostly seeing what kind of people Johnny and Earle are. Johnny resents like hell that his wife is friendly with the white people at Edie's school, and he's afraid that his wife will teach their daughter to kiss up to them. He also conflates "be respectful to" with "kiss up to." Earle, on the other hand, has the kind of slatternly wife that Shelley Winters always seemed to end up playing. She works, and the implication is that she isn't just waiting tables. I'm not sure Earle likes her very much, and I'm certain he doesn't love her. Their upstairs neighbour, Helen (Gloria Grahame in the kind of role she always seemed to end up playing), is fascinated by him, and he's perfectly willing to go along with whatever ends up happening because of that. It also almost seems as though Lorry knows what is going to happen but resigns herself to it if it will make Earle stay around a little longer, if it will make him a little happier. It's also worth noting that, for all Earle thinks blacks need whites to think for them, Johnny is clearly smarter than he is. Oh, sure, Johnny isn't all that bright in a lot of ways. That's why he ended up as part of this group in the first place, after all. We see the life he could have had with Ruth and Edie, and we see why he doesn't have it anymore. However, we also see that he is at least clever enough to come up with a solution to the one thing that makes robbing that particular bank in the way they've come up with a challenge. Earle's solution is firepower. Johnny considers the problem and comes up with a solution that, in theory at least, won't end with anyone's getting hurt. Though I suppose Earle would spin that as cowardice or something. Doubtless some of the audience did as well. However, I don't see how Earle's plan, such as it was, could have worked in the first place. I don't think shooting would have gotten that door open, and it certainly was much more likely to draw attention. I also have to say, I found the ending to be a little heavy-handed. I'm going to go ahead and give the spoilers, partially because I doubt most of the people reading this care and partially because I don't really have much else to say about it. The whole thing ends up going horribly wrong in ways none of them could have predicted. (Partially because Earle is asserting dominance in a particularly stupid way, but partially because things just happened.) Dave is dead, and Earle and Johnny are trying to make their escape. However, as you might imagine, those two making an escape together doesn't go well. They still don't like each other, and each blames the other for everything that has gone wrong. And Johnny, for reasons I somehow missed, ends up shooting. And there is this big explosion, because [movie physics], and they are both killed. Burned pretty much beyond recognition. So burned, in fact, that you can't tell the black man from the white man. The End. I mean, I ask you.

Kaitlyn M (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this black and white film about Schindler's many acts of courage and bravery. The movie is a historical "Docudrama" of true events during WWII when Jewish people were persecuted for their religious and cultural beliefs. Schindler spends the war keeping "his" Jews employed and working so that they might live to see the end of the Nazi regime. There are many important themes, symbolisms and motifs within this movie that add to the beautifully sad account of WWII. This movie was very moving and extremely hard to watch at times. The sad and horrible accounts of WWII have been accurately and historically depicted in this Film about Schindler and his many attempts to save the Jewish community during WWII.

Geo T (ca) wrote: Pawn Sacrifice tells a story of a great prodigy of chess about his inner and outer conflicts during his journey to become the best, add to that the cold war conflict of that era that influences him in his decisions, Overall, a good movie to watch about a great person,