On the outskirts of Austin, 10-year-old Annie tears around on her BMX bike, hurls dough at cars, and smashes things up with her baseball bat. Her father, a goat-farmer-cum-demolition-derby driver, does little parenting. Annie has no friends her age, so her daily routine is filled with solitary mischief. Playing in the woods one day, she hears a woman’s plaintive call for help from an abandoned well. Though Annie feels driven to visit the well daily, she is unsure about how to deal with the woman’s plight.

The 7 year old Kid, his brother Billy and there mother living on a farm. The mother of the children's is always sad. One day something painful happened for the poor family and the kids have to make a future by themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kid torrent reviews

Spencer F (it) wrote: Didn't like this movie. Not funny at all

sean l (ag) wrote: Awesome movie ,must see

Grant K (mx) wrote: One of the best films of the 90's. A completely ambitious, beautifully moving, thoroughly sad yet hopeful picture about the timelessness and pricelessness of art, human expression and the pursuit and achievement of fleeting perfection.

Ernie D (de) wrote: I laughed a lot at this movie, but especially whenever the creepy fatass in the helicopter would come hovering around.

Steve O (gb) wrote: Secret Honor is a very fine film, in the teleplay tradition. Nothing fancy here, just a camera, an office, and Philip Baker Hall, who delivers a tremendously successful one-man performance, as Richard M. Nixon. A few stagey moments pull you out of the film, but Hall's performance will quickly bring you back.

Trevor E (ag) wrote: Some of the best visuals ever put to film, and a story that is heartbreaking and epic. It is one of the greatest movies ever made

Jason P (kr) wrote: This is my favorite John Woo film. While the heroes have swords not guns, brotherhood and heavy bloodletting of Woo's gangster films are present. The story is not only above average for a martial arts film it is good enough to be a great drama. By the end, you care about the characters and strain on the heroes' friendship. There is a little in the film as well. One of the best wuxia films ever.

Sean C (es) wrote: I was really surprised when I found out that Vittorio De Sica directed this. It certainly wasn't neo-realism. Despite what other people have said, I thought much of it was quite funny. It's very silly but what did you expect with Peter Sellers?

Jake W (ru) wrote: Very minor Sam Peckinpah western. Too long, and not all that compelling to be honest. The ?behind the scenes? stories of the film?s production (which include Charlton Heston threatening to run Peckinpah through with his saber) are far more interesting than what actually made it to the screen.

Ahmed G (gb) wrote: not a bad movie at all.and i have to say i really never expected the twist in the endgood thriller

Ben H (fr) wrote: The best western from down under, period!

Darryl G (jp) wrote: The movie wasn't too bad, but wasn't very good either