Kid Racer

Kid Racer

Fourteen year old go racecar enthusiast Marc Benton (Randy Shelly) attempts to raise enough money to buy his own go cart and compete in a local go cart race. Though at first it looks like Marc's dream is a long shot, his goal comes into reach when he befriends kindly track manager Buddy (Priscilla Barnes) and lands a job repairing race-damaged go carts

Fourteen year old go racecar enthusiast Marc Benton (Randy Shelly) attempts to raise enough money to buy his own go cart and compete in a local go cart race. Though at first it looks like Marc's dream is a long shot, his goal comes into reach when he befriends kindly track manager Buddy (Priscilla Barnes) and lands a job repairing race-damaged go carts . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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