On the outskirts of Austin, 10-year-old Annie tears around on her BMX bike, hurls dough at cars, and smashes things up with her baseball bat. Her father, a goat-farmer-cum-demolition-derby driver, does little parenting. Annie has no friends her age, so her daily routine is filled with solitary mischief. Playing in the woods one day, she hears a woman’s plaintive call for help from an abandoned well. Though Annie feels driven to visit the well daily, she is unsure about how to deal with the woman’s plight.

Annie is girl with no moral compass, thanks to a complete lack of parental supervision. One day, while playing in the woods, a voice calls out to her from deep within an abandoned well, causing her to consider the right course of action. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (us) wrote: Awful, awful stuff. Stultifyingly smug and completely laugh-free, this "Rom-Com" is a poor man's pastiche of every Richard Curtis film ever made, with all of humour and intelligence skilfully removed. Rob Sitch clearly needs some better people around him to advise on what people outside his self-congratulatory circle find funny these days.

Dyron W (fr) wrote: I'll give Sarah Poley credit for her skills as a director and brings out some reserved and solid performances from supporting actors Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, but I just couldn't get pass the otherwise unsympathetic lead character or the movie's loose conclusion.

Gina H (br) wrote: Our cousin is in this movie

Julie S (au) wrote: Flimsy as you like rom-com with not a cliche-etched stone left unturned but hey, I watched it 'til the end! And I think I laughed OUT LOUD at one bit (watched a few days ago so can't recall for sure). Forgettable fun.

Graham K (mx) wrote: Excellent depiction of Ian Curtis' last few years. Especially impressive that it doesn't fall into some of the cliches about someone who was troubled, but also a flawed, Northern bloke.

Dave P (es) wrote: Dire. A bunch of badly executed set pieces looking for a film to hold them together. Doug Bradley's good though.

Bill T (nl) wrote: Not a bad sequel to Broken Arrow, athough much of the emotional firepower is somewhat gone, and seems to resort to a cowboys vs. indians storyline. Jeff Chandler is amusing though as Cochise, that indian white man.

B W (nl) wrote: We all know that commercial with the egg and the frying pan... This is your brain... This is your brain on drugs, any questions? Depp and Del Toro put on an excellent performance depicting how the brain CAN be effected by drugs... Ranging from mild paranoia to full blown brutal hallucinnations. Part hilarious, part scary what drugs are actually capable of, altogether makes a for an entertaining piece to say the least.

jay n (kr) wrote: Superior filming of great R&H musical with Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae ideally cast in the leads. They share a great chemistry but even better their voices blend beautifully together on the top notch score. Gloria Grahame was considered miscast at the time as Ado Annie due to her supremacy as a film noir fixture but she is charmingly coquettish and addlepated. However she was apparently a terror to work with on the picture engendering the animosity of cast and crew and damaging her reputation and career which never fully recovered. Eddie Albert and Charlotte Greenwood provide nice bits of humor as Ali Hakim and Aunt Eller with Rod Steiger is a terrifically dark and menacing Jud Fry. Highly stylized this has gorgeous production and costume design all filmed in widescreen Todd-AO and Technicolor, a fantastic entertainment of the type that Hollywood has forgotten how to make.

Matt C (kr) wrote: Love this film, one of my absolute favourites. Classic.

Robyn G (br) wrote: Good premise, good actors, I don't understand why people didn't like it.

Ennis Brokeback L (de) wrote: Death Spa is a cheesy 80s horror film that delivers on the nudity and the Gore. Check this one out.