Kidd Life

Kidd Life

Danish filmmaker is there with his camera when Kidd, an ordinary kid, changes from one day to the next into the sensation of the year with his catchy rap songs. Even the Prime Minister wants his autograph. Gripping documentary about rap, fame and riches - and their price.

Danish filmmaker is there with his camera when Kidd, an ordinary kid, changes from one day to the next into the sensation of the year with his catchy rap songs. Even the Prime Minister wants his autograph. Gripping documentary about rap, fame and riches - and their price. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (ag) wrote: just ok not that funny

Scott W (de) wrote: Hitchcock is up there among my favorite directors, and seeing how Psycho was made was really interesting. Unfortunately, the movie is bogged down by less interesting parts, like the relationship between Alma and Whitfield Cook (incidentally Danny Huston looks just like Anthony Bourdain). And the parts with Ed Gein come across as more creepy than anything. But Anthony Hopkins does a great job as Hitch, you forget you are watching an actor play him. The guy who played Anthony Perkins was also very good in his short time on screen.

Brian P (es) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

Andrea S (de) wrote: very touching and cute

Jon L (ag) wrote: This movie is more for the fan club than worldwide release. You can tell because in the movie, nothing is explained. No one knows who Kaiba is, who Joey is, who Tristan is, who anybody is for that matter. It lacks the basics of a good plot.

Tom K (jp) wrote: The story is very clich, the jokes aren't that great and the rap songs are awful. But, the anitmation parts are really nice and we get a very nice touching scene at the end of the movie, but when you put it all together it's just a lazy kids movie that doesn't offer much to either the younger audience or fans of the classic cartoon show

Dan O (ag) wrote: Gets goofy at points, but ends on a very grim, but strong note.

Ben C (br) wrote: An unrelenting and merciless film that shows no mercy on the cast, especially Jack Lemmon, based on a well-regarded David Mamet play, which surprisingly gets the job done. And compelling performances from Al Pacino and Jack Lemmon, to name a few, bring the whole thing home.

Victor T (br) wrote: Nowadays Peter Jackson is known and hailed as the mastermind behind the critically acclaim and universally beloved Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but before his major breakthrough in 2001, he gain attention of the mainstream masses for the also critically acclaim "Heavenly Creatures", released in 1994, but even before that Sir Peter Jackson began his career with splatter films that now have a cult status, with the most notable one being "Brain Dead" (or "Dead Alive"). Lionel is a shy man who lives with his extremely possessive mother but he gets the attention of the shopkeeper daughter Paquita. In their first date they go to a zoo and visit the newest acquisition: A Sumatran Rat-Monkey. This vicious creature manages to bite Lionels mother, but Lionel is unaware of the side effects of that contact with the animal hybrid. Humor is an extremely subjective issue as people can either enjoy slapstick, white humor, puns, etc. But there are many people who enjoy dark humor and if you are part of that group then "Brain Dead" is a film made for you. "Brain Dead" is a shocking B movie that has excessive gore and shows many disturbing ideas but Jackson manages to use this highly excessive gore to get laughter from his audience as he shows an insane amount of creativity and enjoyment in the execution of this story. Furthermore you can see Jacksons fingerprints all over the place (regardless of the low budget) and even in this little splatter film you can witness the potential of his perfectionist style. Sure, you can point out the bad acting, the obvious cheapness of the effects, the clich story, the one-dimensional characters, and it's fast pacing; but this film is a B movie and the point of a B movie is to entertain you and this film gets an A+ on that. The only issue I have is the juvenile dirty humor as this film is better than that. I mean it's literally overflowing with creativity and then you get the classic dirty humor (particularly one big character design that made me roll me eyes), but as I said earlier humor is subjective so if you enjoy juvenile dirty humor then you won't have any problem with this film. "Brain Dead" is a hilarious and extremely enjoyable film if you can handle extreme gore (far beyond Tarantino levels, as a reference) and/or enjoy dark (downright macabre) humor. One of the funniest B movies you can find and one of the more memorable ones due to its extreme imagery (if you enjoy films like "The Evil Dead Trilogy" or "Shaun of the Dead", this is a must see).

ELENA G (ag) wrote: An heavy, hopeless air gravitates on this movie from the start to end. Vietnam war obsessive memories, being jobless and neurotic, having a malformed baby because of radiations .Its a downward spiral into despair, while some of Troma trademarks are still on display, lame special effects, dummies (the baby), disturbing auditive elements (the crying of the baby is something you won't forget very soon, same for the unusual soundtrack), splatter murders.I've read somewhere that Troma consider this their masterpiece, probably is, Troma knows how to make sick stuff.

Amanda H (it) wrote: I have never seen this on stage, but have heard great things, so I decided to give the movie a shot. I imagine that, as is the case with all musicals, it's better when seen live. I wasn't a huge fan of the film, but I didn't hate it by any means, and some of the musical numbers are definite crowd pleasers.

Lee M (gb) wrote: The directors are serious students of the past, and their aim is re-create a plausible fictional past. Incidentally, the film itself has a history worthy of documentation.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Marko Z (de) wrote: Yep. You made us root for serial killers Oliver Stone... OH; excuse me, mass murderers. Big difference.

Gena D (mx) wrote: Didn't grab me but it was a good story so earned the stars

Kevin M W (mx) wrote: Making fun of 80's action cliches would be great if the creators had a better than a juvenile's sense of humor, but they don't. It all gets old real fast.