Kiddy Grade: Ignition

Kiddy Grade: Ignition


The story takes place in a future where the human race has expanded and inhabits a multitude of planets in the universe with fantastic technology. Unsurprisingly, crime has grown alongside technology, and thus the GOTT, Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs, is formed as a sort of universal police force. Within this organization, there is a special (and secret) branch known as the ES Force (ES standing for "Encounter of Shadow-work"), consisting of twelve young people that possess amazing superpowers. Each ES member operates with another as a team, and the series' focus is a team of two low-level members, Éclair and Lumière. As the series progresses, they start to see the darker side of GOTT and its secrets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriel A (es) wrote: Baseado no romance de John Green; Scott Neustadter e Michael H. Weber adaptam para o cinema o melanclico The Fault in Our Stars, segundo filme do diretor Josh boone, estrelado pelo ator, modelo e DJ norte-americano Ansel Elgort, conhecido por interpretar Tommy Ross no filme Carrie em 2013, ao seu lado Shailene Woodley nos encanta com sua excepcional atuao. O primeiro trabalho de sucesso de Shailene foi em Felicity: An American Girl Adventure em 2005. Sua carreira avanou para grandes papis quando foi indicada ao Globo de Ouro em seu primeiro filme para os cinemas The Descendants e alcanou o reconhecimento internacional em 2014 com Divergent. O roteiro salpica um humor eficaz em meio a um sofrimento frentico e degenerativo, Boone dirigi um romance singular que facilmente nos leva as lagrimas e profundas meditaes sobre a vida. Volta e meia tropea em alguns exageros e clichs tpicos dese segmento: o cncer de Augustus por exemplo, se espalha de uma forma assustadora para quem j estava recuperado. The Fault in Our Stars um serio candidato a clssico, um daqueles filmes que as namoradas sempre exigiram ver com seus namorados. Encorpado com doses de realidade absurda e sentimentalista extremo o resultado consegue ser otimista ao mostrar que em face da morte ainda h vida ou um resto dela, e esse resto foi a melhor parte para os personagens Hazel e Augustus.

Steven F (ca) wrote: Lol, one of the best, worst movies of all time. "I dare you to put this hand grenade in your mouth". Too funny.

Debby E (jp) wrote: a good story of drama romantic

Kristin W (ag) wrote: Midway plantation in Knightdale

Nilufer R (it) wrote: This short movie was nothing but an emotion pack. I had to sit there and watch it with a fist in my throat. Being a true story makes it even more sentimental. Simple yet amazing.

Juan S (kr) wrote: I really love this movie

Hannah K (us) wrote: I love this movie. it is one of my favorite LDS movies

Jacob P (ru) wrote: I grew up watching veggietales, and this movie is still funny to this day.

Samantha S (de) wrote: cute but the ending is a bit depressing. Funny to see Peter Martin and Sue Johnston together outside of Royle Family. Pete Postlewaite, as always, is a gem.

Brandon Vincent T (ru) wrote: Bad acting, boring, and not scary.

Jennifer A (ag) wrote: The worst Hollywood film ever made? Or a morbidly fascinating trainwreck? Myra Breckinridge (1970) - 5.5/10 Director - Michael Sarne Starring - Raquel Welch, Mae West, John Huston, Rex Reed, Farrah Fawcett, Roger Herren, John Carradine. Film buff Myron Breckenridge (Rex Reed) goes to Europe for a sex-change. Myron becomes the sexy and seductive Myra (Raquel Welch). Myra returns to the states and hits up her uncle (John Huston) for money, claiming Myron had died and she was his wife. Myra then meets aging sexpot Leticia (Mae West) which leads her to aspiring actor Rusty (Roger Herren) and his girlfriend Mary Ann (Farrah Fawcett). What follows is shocking and bizarre. It's amazing this film got a greenlight from the studios. It's purposely offensive and vulgar, has an almost incomprehensible storyline and is crudely pieced together by director Michael Sarne. But this wasn't a "no budget" student film. Raquel Welch was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Mae West one of it's earliest icons and John Huston one Hollywood's most respected directors. "Myra Breckinridge" was a sign of the times and probably a reaction to Andy Warhol's increasing influence on film as well as the emerging "no holds barred" view on sexuality. Whatever it was, "Myra Breckinridge" is certainly an intresting mess of a movie, and it's developed quite a cult following. This film (along with Warhol's pictures) likely had a great influence on future directors like David Lynch, John Waters and Richard Kelly. If not for "Myra Breckinridge" you probably don't have the tamer, but highly popular "Rocky Horror Picture Show". You might say it's the "Plan 9 From Outer Space" of it's generation.

Dave J (us) wrote: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 (1950) Where The Sidewalk Ends SUSPENSE THRILLER The entire rhythm of the movie was involving until it got to the end which was similar to "The Asphalt Jungle", "Seven Thieves" and "Odds Against Tomorrow"- you know, when the right thing has to happened- a common occurrence that used to happened in movies. And that it wasn't until like the "Italian Job" in 1969 which makers finally allowed the people who were doing the stealing to keep what they stole- sort of. The movie stars Dana Andrews, and before I go on I've always liked Dana Andrews as an actor ever since I saw him in "Curse Of The Demon" since besides being naturally taller than the other actors, he also has a commanding presence, and it's not just his voice. In this movie, he plays Det. Mark Dixon and had just been given a warning from his superior for no more rough stuff toward thugs/ hoodlums he takes in since he has a reputation, and as a result the precinct where he works at got complaints for his uncontrollable behavior of assault. His precinct also happens to assign for a new lieutenant, by the name of Thomas (Karl Malden) who's in charge of a murder investigation of a crooked card game that's connected to a gangster named Scalise (Gary Merrill), a person Detective Dixon is obsessively trying to nab. On a routine order, Dixon and his partner, Det. Paul Klein (Bert Freed)is then ordered to get hold of 'a person of interest' by the name of Ken Paine (Craig Stevens) since he was there when the murder happened. Paine wasn't part of Scalise's cronies, but he was involved into the murder investigation since he was there. By the time Dixon came into his apartment while his partner searches some place else, Paine who was clearly drunk then assaults Dixon before he retaliates by punching him back and ends up killing Paine as a result. We later find out that Paine used to serve in the army, and apparently has a metal plate on his head which by the time his head hits the ground that was how he had died. Detective Dixon then tries to cover it up by pinning Paines death on Scalise. Will he succeed? As a result of current questionable shooting deaths toward some African Americans by the police in the United States kind of makes this film and situation outdated, since viewers clearly can see what happened. And that it wasn't Dixon's fault if some drunk was trying to physically harm him first. Had the police pre-know and then pre-warn the officers about Paine getting that metal plate on his head beforehand before asking them to go and get him would not have got him killed in the first place, meaning that Dixon absolutely did nothing wrong. Out of all the actual stories we hear about in the news these days, this was nothing in comparison, since in this day age cops are shooting people in cold blood even when they don't even have a weapon on them. It also happens to be the fifth and final film Dana Andrews starred with actress Gene Tierney, as well as Tierney's third and final film she worked with director Otto Preminger. 2.5 out of 4 stars

Cody C (gb) wrote: Snappy little mystery. I definitely want to watch all the Bulldog Drummond movies. These are fun as hell.

Van H (it) wrote: In the top 5 of worst movies I have ever seen.

Adam R (nl) wrote: I don't know anybody who likes this movie. It's boring and feels long for a sports action movie that is supposed to excite us. Pretty disappointing! (First viewing - Teen years)

Bryan H (br) wrote: okay i will admit it is getting a little old but kinda cool to see how it all started with Norman Bates by watching the film the title pretty much says it "the beginning" so we find out what drove Norman Bates to make him what he became

Odysseus H (gb) wrote: amazingly bad, worth a watch

Geoff J (nl) wrote: Pretensions are fine, but you do have to make an engaging movie at the same time.