Scottish orphan David Balfour (Lawrence Douglas) is betrayed by his wicked uncle Ebeneezer (Donald Pleasance), who arranges for David to be kidnapped and sold into slavery so that Unk can claim his inheritance. The boy is rescued and befriended by Alan Breck (Michael Caine), a Scottish rebel fighting on behalf of his country's independence from the British (did we tell you that the film takes place during late 18th century?) Both David and Alan undergo several exhilarating adventures before Alan comes to realize that the rebellion is doomed from the start, and David foils his uncle's greedy machinations. (AllMovie)

When young David Balfour arrives at his uncle's bleak Scottish house to claim his inheritance his relative first tries to murder him then has him shipped off to be sold as a slave in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kidnapped torrent reviews

Erin P (ca) wrote: Good but super depressing

Corey C (us) wrote: Fine and fairly emotionally resonant. Nothing terribly memorable, but enjoyable for what it is.

Donovan S (gb) wrote: pretty decent. lotta weed, lot of philosophical gregory smith bullshit that makes a ton, and no sense at the same time. jordana brewster is hot as balls.

I dont know w (ag) wrote: Looks like an underrated classic to me.

Lucas M (gb) wrote: The cold reality of homeless children, that do everything to survive in a cruel brazilian society. A shocking film, a social critic cinematographic with great actors. Better that Fernando Meirelles's City of God. Fernando Ramos da Silva (1967-1987) and Jorge Juliano made a wonderful job, just like Babenco and the another actors.

Gordon B (ag) wrote: Joins the ranks of Showgirls and Mommie Dearest as a film that is compulsively watchable in its badness

Dan E (br) wrote: As creative as it is unenjoyable-- for better or worse.

Tony P (ca) wrote: Ed Wood's swing-and-a-miss at film noir is more bland than most of his work. There's plenty of bad acting and absurd blocking, but the story actually makes sense, which is a bit disappointing when seeking an Ed Wood experience. There's also an impressive shot or two that took me by surprise. The there's some scenes, due to the horrendous acting and slow editing, that are reminiscent of Tommy Wisseu's masterpiece The Room. Jail Bait is not awful enough to be entertaining, but it has enough moments of complete distaste to get through it once. Oh, and the music is TERRIBLE.

Stella D (ru) wrote: cynical first half completely belied by the soppy mess the film soon sinks into due to louis b. mayer's enforced morality. still there's the amazing chemistry of gable and harlow, one of the all time great screen couples

Nicole P (jp) wrote: Wasn't too bad the cast really made the movie.