This Korean thriller begins as an organized crime kingpin murders his wife and child and then turns his gun on himself. His policeman brother, an identical twin, returns to his hometown only to find, to his surprise, that he is immediately mistaken for his dead brother. As disillusioned with law enforcement as his brother was with criminal life, the policeman takes on his brother's identity, enmeshing himself in the violent life that ultimately lead to his brother's demise.

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Kilimanjaro torrent reviews

Luis R (de) wrote: Is basically entirely directed shot by shot from the original, which was an ok-ish movie, but this one is pretty annoying, the male lead is soul less and now 30 or 40 years after the original maybe this story needed an update that would go beyond the change of location.

Martin S (ru) wrote: When I saw it I said it would get 3 stars. But I just don't see the point....cause it wasn't could watch it without getting pissed off....but it wasn't good. And that's what matters....not wrestling...And come on...we could hear the waterfall was fake...

Alex r (us) wrote: I didn't expect much with this film, I thought it was going to be a bad film, however I was pleasantly surprised. I thought that this film was a different, refreshing take on romantic comedies. The cast here do a fine job, and it's what makes this film so special, and better than most. I felt that the film had a great story, and there were more good things going for this film, than bad. The cast are perfect in their roles, and the story itself is well done. I was surprised that this film really was better than what I'd think it is. I very much enjoyed the film, and thought it was a terrific romantic comedy, much different than every other film that came before it or after it. Blue State is a good film, and it has terrific directing. The film is a must see for people looking for a different type of rom-com. Blue State is a fine little film that if you come across, you should check it out. I found something refreshing here, something that doesn't follow the trend of so many other films in this genre. If you want something different, then give this one a viewing. I felt it was a very good film, one that elevated the rom-coms standards a bit more. I felt that this was one of the better films in the genre. The cast and directing make this one work well, and Blue State may surprise you, especially if you're not one to indulge in romantic comedies.

Diana W (br) wrote: i've never quite understood this film... but maybe it is just me...

Aleksi L (jp) wrote: Man, this one REALLY sucked... I mean... :D WTF were they thinking?!

jean b (us) wrote: oh richard grieco...stop making pornos!

Noname (kr) wrote: A decent thriller movie that reminds me of "the invisible" kinda. Hayden Christensen from Star Wars plays a man that needs a heart transplant but the surgery goes not as the right direction.. Its a enjoyable movie with some nice twists and worth seeing overall , Jessica Alba have a role aswell :)

Tony (us) wrote: This movie is pretty horrible, however I personally think Benigni's performance is hilarious (and I later became a fan of his other work. Unfortunately, the work flounders and drags anytime Benigni's not on screen, with the esception of some great opening titles with Bobby McFerrin doin the theme acapella. Be warned, if you already don't think Benigni is funny, then this movie will do nothing for you.

Mark O (kr) wrote: Finally got to see this. Unsurprisingly, it's very good.

Leslie D (us) wrote: Always enjoy this silly but fun monster romp. They are like the X-Men of horror acting like Gremlins. Love the battle of the bands bit. Pure 80s cheese.

Josh K (ag) wrote: The central conceit of this horror film is that five young psychopathic kids can kill off a group of seven adults. Given its absurdity it takes the edge off quite a bit. The fact that the film is SLOWLY paced and that the adults are defined entirely by their "types" (alcoholic wife and her henpecked husband; sexually frustrated wife and her workaholic materialistic husband; good-earthed good-looking blond boyfriend and girlfriend; Lennie Small-type guy) makes the film even less compelling and more of a chore to get through. It just felt awfully tired and worn and gimmicky.

Michael T (kr) wrote: Interesting. Will definitely see the second movie.

Mitch G (it) wrote: Great film that really brings the patriot out of any Canadian. Very entertaining and great battle scenes throughout will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story is believable and acting is great. A must see for those in the great white north.