Kill Buljo: The Movie

Kill Buljo: The Movie

A Norwegian parody of Kill Bill.

A Norwegian parody of Kill Bill. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elliott C (us) wrote: Predictable and quite boring. Feel i wasted my time with this film, started to switch off half way through.

David Ray G (it) wrote: For the greatest part of this movie, I was just watching without really following. Of course I'm an ignoramus when it comes to Cosmology (or anything science-related for that matter!), and even though the movie has the most simplistic structure, it's hard to follow because it's not intriguing. As it progresses however, it does obtain a pace and plot that's much vivid. The direction was smartly-handled for someone who's stolen every smart thing about it from other directors. Meryl Streep's participation was what partly saved the movie, since Meryl Streep could even play Spider-man and get an Oscar nomination for it. The movie "comes together" and starts to make sense as a whole at the end. I sympathized with the guy whose only dream was taken away, and as a resulted reacted the way he did. Strip a man off his dreams and you've left him with nothing - and that's what the movie is about for me, and the reason why I liked it.

Jay J (ru) wrote: It was ok; neither here nor there.

Deep P (jp) wrote: "After a few hours of Explosion it started raining in Hiroshima, but it was not water, it was radio active black fluid dropping from the sky" - Watch this disturbing masterpiece which gives direct account of the real people who actually dropped atom bomb on Hiroshima.

Aleks C (mx) wrote: tjs dans le cadre du concours du plus mauvais film d'horreur, n'absolument pas voir!

Stephen M (jp) wrote: I really do like this film, probably because it is pretty sentimental. I think it is a very clever idea to follow the life of "one man" through the ages, to show that no matter what changes in the world, our lives are still based on the same needs and desires.

Noah C (es) wrote: A near unforgettable movie, Days of Thunder began the NASCAR movie trend. Tom Cruise as Cole Trickle is perhaps one of the most genius ideas for a movie. It has some flaws, yes, but very rarely do they occur. The final scene with Russ vs. Cole was one of the best scenes I ever watched. It's not that funny, but it makes it up with an incredible story. This is definitely worth a watch.

Guillaume L (ag) wrote: L'humour dlirant omnipresent et des choregraphies incroyables compensent un scenario lineaire et repetitif. Par ailleurs l'histoire ne trouve pas de conclusion, le film se terminant de facon tres brutale. On ne peut meme pas parler de fin ouverte. Gout d'inacheve...

Lewis H (ru) wrote: Ah the meories of a childhood spent watching Disney drivel such as this. Joan Simms and Helen Hayes tee hee, not sure about caucasian actors playing Chinese, but hat is how things were done back then. A classic, made me smile.

Ian C (mx) wrote: Not a great film by any stretch of the imagination and only Peckinpah and McQueen make it worth sticking with.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Pre-teen ends up with a valuable Atari Cloak & Dagger game cartridge with top secret info and must evade some dangerous individuals who will stop at nothing to retrieve it with the help of an imaginary federal super agent Jack Flack. His friend, Kim, and a bit of a sluggish start were slight detractors but this film is successful in straddling a difficult line in being entertaining for both kids and adults. Got better as it went along.

Jamie H (ru) wrote: film is good i only watched it because pam is so fit in it

Carlos M (de) wrote: The movie's desperate attempt to look amateurish is risible and the actors are mostly terrible, but the good thing is that it manages to create a disturbing atmosphere and even finds a good justification for the characters to carry around their cameras in the most terrifying moments.