Kill 'em All

Kill 'em All

The film starring Johnny Messner, Chia-Hui Liu, Ammara Siripong is directed by Raimund Huber. It is about a team of international assassins held in a high-tech bunker. They want to find the way to escape dark hell but they do not image harsh trails waiting them outside . . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noah K (au) wrote: An indie comedy, as moving as it is funny.

Brian S (jp) wrote: a really interesting story, but slightly disappointing in its lack of depth. sure, it tells the story of the Black Sox scandal quite well. the acting is decent, the history is engaging, and overall it's a very watchable movie. what I don't like is that everything is very superficial. the characters are all very flat, and yet they're trying to hard not to be. there just isn't any room in the plot to develop richer character studies. and for a baseball movie, there doesn't seem to be much room for baseball either. you would think that in a movie about baseball players deliberately losing games, there would be more focus on the actual games. unfortunately, that's all pretty superficial too. overall, this isn't a bad movie, but it's not an especially great one either.

R d (mx) wrote: timeless classic...not as scare in today's standard

Barbara H (ag) wrote: Hmm... I love this movie. A dyke classic. Haha.

Sharon S (ag) wrote: Great suspense movie, very good cast.

Sean N (jp) wrote: A little too ordinary, a little more surrealism wouldn't have hurt

Hayden H (ag) wrote: This doesn't make any sense to me this film just seems silly it just seems like it's Amy not a very low target of audience that is willing to accept anything that is remotely funny or remotely even hilarious. Man thinking of movies like this that has a talented cast gives me a headache in the fact of the thought that this movie is should be considered as a good comedy is a joke in itself space my final grade for this is a D+

Jack G (br) wrote: This movie shouldn't totally work as well as it does. It's pretty clearly a Jaws rip-off (or homage if you will) as it's about a giant animal that attacks people - and a much bigger animal than the others around it, distinct that way - and how three people go after it... well, at first anyway. It should be just an homage, but Russell Mulcahy, who later did Highlander, brings something else to the table, which is unadalterated weirdness. The protagonist is a man who loses his cinematographer girlfriend to the Razorback monster and decides to go after it, with (at first) some help from some ruff-house outback folk who strand him in the Australian wilderness until he finds some help. The film's weirdness comes from tone. Some of the action is somewhat standard, as is a climax that takes place in a factory with lots of smoke-machine-made fog and chains, but it's also got camerawork that is very unusual, compositions that take into account the bizarreness of the Outback and what this outsider-guy is up against, and ocassionally it gets trippy. It should be distracting, but in reality it helps to heighten the paranoia and tension: you can't trust most of the characters in this film, mainly cause they're just bad psychopathic backwoods-Aussie folk, and, of course, that big boar could be anywhere.It certainly still feels dated being from the 80's (again, lots of SMOKE and FOG, not a bad thing just what it is), but that's part of its charm when it occurs. When it gets to being exciting Mulcahy and writer Everett DeRoche (veteran of many Aussie-explotation movies) ramp up both the suspense and the black-humor; there's a scene where a fat guy is sitting at home watching his TV, the razorback hooked up to part of the house, and when he runs away he takes half of the house (and the TV) with him! That and a few requisite Aiustralian jokes get the job done.All in all this is a surprise; a tightly constructed, surreal horror-action film with the overtones of Jaws but a director with something to say and (at the time) something to prove as a genre-maker. If it was on late-night TV I would watch it in a heart-beat.

Tyler Z (br) wrote: Definition of surprised me the most. Was not a fan at all of the first movie. But this one took a change for the better as Katniss returns to the arena for another Hunger Games

Agata S (it) wrote: Fantastic Jeanne Moreau!!!

Jason T (es) wrote: A boring noir movie that goes nowhere slowly.