Kill for Me

Kill for Me

Rent’s a bitch. And that is why, six months after her best friend went missing, Amanda finally gives in to getting another roommate, Hailey. The two college students turn out to have something in common, however: abusive men. For Hailey, it’s her dad. For Amanda, it’s a stalkery ex-boyfriend. But problems can be solved and, you know, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. In other words, Kill for Me, I kill for you.

Two roommates with abusive men in their pasts consider murder as an option to help settle each others problems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AC M (br) wrote: Beautifully made film about the permeable boundaries of communication in a world containing both technology and the unfathomable mystery of the human psyche. A meditation on loneliness, grief, and isolation in the midst of ubiquitous interconnectedness. The practically silent opening sequence alone is worth the price of admission.

Nikky A (de) wrote: Story had promise, but the acting and the cinematography reminded me of a bad made for TV movie or fantasy show (like Xena, but Xena had better acting). Also, the title sucks. Battle for Draegonoth or Vengeance of the Red Queen would have been better and more aptly titled.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: Great acting, cinematography an all around well made film

rishabh d (jp) wrote: have seen it 13 times till today

Mad M (fr) wrote: The best part of the movie is the charm in the first half. The second half descends into craziness too quickly and it doesn't feel real. Tupac is a bit too giddy in the first half, but he plays a good nutter in the second half.

Justin S (nl) wrote: Engaging, and creepy. Lost all creepiness when he was revealed, never showed face. Ends with him alive and repairing doll