Kill Me Now

Kill Me Now

When nerds Dennis and Noah crash a party thrown by the local jocks and hot girls in a remote cabin, they must combat a brainy serial murderer known as the Driller Killer, who uses power tools to rid the world of idiots, one clueless teen at a time.

A group of small-town teens looking to drink a ton of beer in peace at a remote cabin in the woods find their party nearly ruined when they're stalked by the deranged Driller Killer in this... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Warda S (ru) wrote: Best Psychological thriller ever! He takes you into the movie and makes you feel all the emotions of the moment and will have you afraid to ever fall inlove again!

Aaron E (it) wrote: To say "ALL-STAR CAST" is an understatement for this completely AWESOME MOVIE!!! LUVED IT LUVED IT LUVED IT!!!!

Greg W (es) wrote: year s/b 1996 not 2016!

David L (kr) wrote: With a great script, expert editing, a terrific flashback structure, good characters and a powerful ending, The Vanishing is an absolutely spectacular film that benefits from such a realistic approach to it with a great emphasis on psychological horror instead of stupid violence and twists and that is why its impact is even more heightened. It is such an atmospheric, increasingly disturbing movie that is also sophisticated and never even slightly disappointing. It is without a doubt one of the finest modern thrillers I've seen, a film that left me shaken and disturbed.

Itamar K (es) wrote: Grant & Robinson, the director-star team responsible for the cult comedy classic Withnal & I, struck again with this fantastically dark social satire; it's very funny, unsettling and always relevant.

christy b (au) wrote: I would like to watch the movie

Regina P (mx) wrote: Jude Law and Omar Epps! Double yum!

Blake L (de) wrote: Sun drenched slice of life noir shot in gorgeous cinemascope in Arizona. Lee Marvin steps on a kid's hand. See this.

lucy w (fr) wrote: As usual, brilliant direction by William Wyler: exceptional dcors, lighting, and acting. Despite her grand performance, Bette Davis' character is sometimes very tough to like!

Miguel A (mx) wrote: difcil no admirar a vontade quase punk que "Basket Case" demonstra ao atirar-se a um gnero exigente (o terror feito de criaturas deformadas), com uns poucos milhares de dlares na mo e uma equipa tcnica muito mais eficiente a fazer salpicar sangue do que nas animaes stop-motion. A verdade que "Basket Case" tem para contar uma fbula bizarra, que, mesmo sombra de todas as limitaes, sai dignificada por ter um princpio, um meio e um fim (quantos b-movies podem gabar-se do mesmo?). Assim at se perdoa todos os momentos em que o monstrinho de culto de Frank Henenlotter perde a graa e entra em modo puramente desleixado.

Sam M (ag) wrote: Almost too entertaining, but not worthy of a good rating. Crappy story and not many proper scares or shocks.