Kill Switch

Kill Switch

A pilot battles to save his family and the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong.

A pilot battles to save his family and the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kill Switch torrent reviews

Ian R (mx) wrote: Very well done but it's essentially just a mini Roger Corman doc and most of the movies are beyond obscure now. But then, WENG WENG!

Dan S (fr) wrote: Really disappointed, the premise made it sound like a potentially great film but it really wasnt. Steve Coogan plays a wacky character but it's a far too inconsistant and at times abnormal portrayal. The premise sounds it should be a British film, the fact its based in america already weakens it, and the comedy offered up from the surrounding cast is American Pie spin-off levels of poor. People might get something from the surrealism of the actual Hamlet 2 performance but the whole thing was bitterly disappointing.

Nick M (ru) wrote: This felt to me like a darker more introspective version of "Hot Fuzz" where a city cop is forced to relocate to a small town where its citizens are harboring dark secrets. Though not too much action is on display in this flick, this is a deeply intriguing film with a good amount of unpredictability.

michael k (de) wrote: Arnie's accent makes his performance unintentionally comical and enjoyable, as usual. Ridiculous plot, and plot holes. Bottom line: Arnie fans will like it, but probably no one else.

Kristi G (es) wrote: David Bowie was brilliant as Andy Warhol. He made the movie for me.

Mike N (br) wrote: entertaining,real, and sometimes humorous dialogue with 5 different taxi drivers and customers around the world.

Kjetil H (us) wrote: Slater er headhunteren fra helvete!!Kunne vrt ortli kul denne,men slapt manus og slappe folk i alle rollen, utenom Slater som virker g p Speed, gjr dette til en middelmtig opplevelse!!

Michael L (it) wrote: Made at the height of the US engagement in WWII, SINCE YOU WENT AWAY is a celebration of the bravery and suffering of those who stay home, the wives and families of soldiers. This is an excellent work but ultimately uneven. Brilliant scenes and moments juxtaposed with overblown sentiment. Too bad. So much good here, definitely worth a look, but not perfect or sublime. Watching it, you want the film to be better.

sally a (gb) wrote: the history hitler. how an artist become a monster...