Kill the Man

Kill the Man

The two owners of the Long Shot Copies shop struggle against a copying giant, King Co. Having gotten their start from a $100,000 windfall when one of them hit a promotional mid-court basketball shot, they have to find a way to keep their company afloat or fold. Thus starts a series of gimmicks and a war against the opposition, particularly after they are visited by a corporate thug.

The two owners of the Long Shot Copies shop struggle against a copying giant, King Co. Having gotten their start from a $100,000 windfall when one of them hit a promotional mid-court ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kill the Man torrent reviews

Simon H (gb) wrote: Excellent! Weaving camera brings the sweaty, dingy streets to life.

Christian S (jp) wrote: Un bon rsum de l'volution des socialo-communistes atuels.

Jim S (gb) wrote: A strong narrative highlights this at time exploitive body parts feature. The first act of the film is nothing more than a frat boy, soft core porn fest, with lots of T & A. The second act is the definitive example of torture porn, with blood and guts and body parts flying all over the place. In the third act the film morphs into a fairly effective Jason Bourne style game of cat and mouse, which really proves quite entertaining.

Michael T (jp) wrote: Fascinating cinema verite, originally produced for PBS.

Eber N (gb) wrote: The worst movie I've seen in my life, is disgusting, misleading, silly, stupid, clumsy, twisted, stupid and lousy fuck, I do not want to see more!.

alirea i (ru) wrote: interesting movie :)

Vinay G (ca) wrote: Worst Film of the Jurassic Park series, Sam Neill is good in this movie but everything else sucks.

Mara P (au) wrote: La vera mil veces ms... y la msica... y el personaje de Gerard...

Anthony V (mx) wrote: Great performances by Oldman, Hopper, Reed and McDormand add to the intriguing true story of one patient's battle to reform a mental institution. Nice direction and realistic throughout.

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: 75%Typical Candy affair.

Glenn C (it) wrote: Keeping with my recent appetite for retro Aussie cinema I watched Roadgames tonight. Recently inducted into the "Ozploitation" sub-genre it remains one of the best thrillers Australia has produced. Richard Franklin was a Hitchcock aficionado and together with Everette De Roche he crafted a tight mystery chiller thats plays out like Hichcock's Rear Window on the road. Anyone who actually reads this movie group will know that i idolise Everette De Roche and I think this is amongst the best he's written. Its structured perfectly and scattered the humour generously throughout. I heard a rumour that it's being remade and i pray to God that it's just a rumour. Leave it be!

chip v (fr) wrote: Having really low expectations for something like Nightmare City really helps make it a really enjoyable experience. This movie is, in essence, a standard zombie apocalypse movie as seen through the eyes of several semi-emotive characters. Everyone is really cool about the whole 'flesh-eating, radioactive, burn victim' thing- too cool. Finally, this Umberto Lenzi has a special treat for you- one of the most hilariously bad endings to any story ever. You've been warned.

Ken S (nl) wrote: A few nice moments, but mostly meh

Andrew C (it) wrote: Excellent spy thriller.

Jacob D (fr) wrote: Just because there's flaws doesn't mean it's a bad movie and in this case the flaws don't overpower the quality of the movie.

Eric B (ag) wrote: "The Green Room" is one of director Francois Truffaut's most obscure features. Deservedly so, perhaps. Truffaut himself stars as Julien Davenne, a 1920's loner who writes obituaries for an outdated journal that only senior citizens read. He is obsessed with his lost loved ones, most notably his wife Julie (who died very young) and the fallen members of his World War I squad. Maintaining intense reverence for the dead is his top concern, to such an extreme that he's greatly offended when a widowed friend dares to remarry.The film hammers on Julien's fixation for 90 minutes, offering little development beyond a growing relationship with a younger woman (Nathalie Baye) who shares his pervasive grief. His principles are also tested with the death of a one-time close friend whom he now detests. But by the time he decides to create a large-scale, physical shrine to the departed (the honored include many of Truffaut's own heroes), Julien seems more demented than sympathetic and you'll probably feel an emotional distance from his crusade.Truffaut gives a solid, credible performance, though his character's reserved nature doesn't make any great demands on him. A second unusual casting is a deaf boy as Julien's son Georges -- this was the actor's only credit, so there may be an interesting tale behind the choice. (The common ground between the Julien/Georges bond and the doctor/boy relationship in 1970's "The Wild Child" should be noted.)Given previous classics like "Two English Girls" and "The Story of Adele H.," it's no surprise that Truffaut shows an expert touch with period drama here. And the score makes lovely use of Maurice Jaubert pieces. "The Green Room"'s narrow plot just feels too repetitive and claustrophobic, however.