Kill Them All and Come Back Alone

Kill Them All and Come Back Alone

During the American Civil War, a Confederate prisoner, Clyde McKay, attempts to steal a box of gold from a Union prison camp. He is aided by a group of prisoners and a prison guard but he is double-crossed along the way.

In 1864, mercenary Clyde MacKay leads a squad of hard-case cutthroats on a mission for the Confederate high command: infiltrate an enemy fortress and steal a million dollars in gold from the Union Army. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier V (jp) wrote: Esta cinta es un melodrama telenovelesco en el mal sentido. Reafirmar lo visual con dilogos es lo que viste a esta pelcula que fuerza este recurso para que la trama pueda fluir. Sin embargo si logra una cierta conexin con el espectador promedio.

Adam G (de) wrote: I went to the Canadian premiere of "Pink Ribbons Inc" tonight, was quite an amazing experience. Being one of the few men in the audience of mostly women I suppose I had a very different take on the whole experience. The film itself was a highly polished documentary, and being a Canadian I was proud of that. Featuring good editing and amazing animations throughout the film. Showing both Canada and America, and near the end the globalization of the Pink Ribbon campaign, all over the world.The interviews were a tad cushy in my opinion. But it would be quite impossible to interview the heads of some of the largest "pinkwashing" corporations in the world and have them actually admit to much, or play sides, of course they will stand on their own side.But I learned a lot. I learned that this fight has been going on since the 1930's. I got to see faces of women who are actually dying of breast cancer, and hear their stories, most of which touched me deeply.And I have to wonder. If so much cash is being funneled into "research" then why is there so little progress. If breast cancer has been a rallied cause since 1930, compared to HIV/AIDS, which started in the 1980's, just for a comparison here. Why is a disease that has been in the spotlight to some capacity for almost 100 years still affecting us so deeply, and why are the numbers growing, and why does nobody know what causes it?In conclusion I feel deeply betrayed by corporations, I think anyone why is a consumer needs to see this film.

Sean P (nl) wrote: Well acted and suspenseful.

Joseph L (mx) wrote: Entertaining, informative, heartfelt. Claire Danes is in her element.

Francis M (fr) wrote: Different, absorbing, funny and disturbing. Not many films can fill into those catagory. A hate or love movie.

Jess W (us) wrote: I don't know if i want to see it without any vin diesel in it!

Justin B (de) wrote: It's like a long episode of some awful 80's TV miniseries but I would say it's one of Boll's more interesting and original films.

Marius R (nl) wrote: It doesn't waste time with attempts at gore scares beyond its ability but relies on an increasing suspense and dread. This movie doesn't waste but makes very good use of its and its viewers' time. Well-made, good script, and excellent performances. It's amazing what a film that knows exactly what it is and what's trying to do with what it has can accomplish.

Jacob B (nl) wrote: A film that succeeds at making fun of two popular horror movies one of them being a satire itself, Scary Movie manages to be one of the more entertaining parody movies as well as being famous for leading its young teenage cast most notably Anna Faris in the role of Cindy Campbell even if its crude sex jokes end up occasionally grossing out certain viewers.

Mandela W (fr) wrote: funny how I come across this film 2 months after our actual election and now in the soon to be Donald trump era. Way back in 1999 Alexander Payne took a bold move in making a satire of the election process and even went as far as making the basis of this film, a high school election. While the film is its offbeat but very well done. Its both a film that young adults can enjoy but even older adult figures can find correlations with the real thing that we see today. This 2nd film from Payne revolves around a high school teacher named Jim Mcallister and a young overachiever named Tracy Flick. the high school is getting ready to have its annual election and what seems like it will be a normal event becomes ever the more complicated due to the unusual contenders. This sets off a chain of humorous events that again makes things complicated for all involved. Very interesting script by Payne. He has a unique style of story telling that translates into these quirky but substantial films we see on screen. the themes of morals and ethics are very prominent here in this story and it correlates with elections of all kinds. The narration was a nice addition to the story and helped with the feel of the film. The film makes you actually think back to your own student elections in high school and what some kids may have done to get a spot on the council. matthew Broderick is exceptional here. he seemed to fit into this role like a glove. this was such a well written character and Broderick really went for it here and gave us a guy desperately trying to involve himself in a positive way in the lives of his students but things just keep getting more complicated. Reese witherspoon delivers a terrific comedic performance here. Her humorous and spunky take on this obnoxious student is incredible and makes me think twice about how funny she can be after her horrendeous role in legally blonde. she also really nails the Midwestern accent. She is the films true highlight!His direction here is no different. the camera choices and images used all make for a different kind of political story. Very well timed editing and good lighting as well. This is without a doubt one of the real great flicks in the career of this unique director.

Diego T (br) wrote: This is an exhaustingly boring movie, impossible to sit through and completely undeserving of a 96%.

Blair K (es) wrote: didnt know about this movie with mary stuart masterson in it but it sounds interesting :)

Sam H (nl) wrote: In my top ten favorite movies. Better every time I watch it!

Nathan S (de) wrote: Despite great performances from Hoffman and Linney, I thought this film was a little too wrapped up in itself. I felt forced to empathize with both Linney's and Hoffman's character(s) from start to finish, instead of being lead into their perspective. The film comes off too strong for a subtle comedy. 4.4/10

Guy H (au) wrote: Oklahoma! combines breathtaking cinematography, Fred Zinnemann's skillful direction and a classic Rodgers and Hammerstein score with amazing results.

Steve G (it) wrote: Decent film noir. Difficult to follow, but that's somewhat to be expected. It was interesting, if not completely well-rounded. Anne Shirley was hot! She was perfect in this. Not the most captivating lead for me, but generally well-performed. Fans seem divided between those who believe Powell's performance was too light & comic, and those consider it the best interpretation of Philip Marlowe on film. I certainly fall closer to the former camp. It seemed a bit clownish at points. Though not as bad as perhaps detractors would suggest. Love these semi-B sleuth flicks from the 40s. Recognize many of the stock performers from Dick Tracy or Sherlock Holmes films of the same era. Worth a watch!

Kelly N (de) wrote: Great movie! Love all the twists!

Carlos M (mx) wrote: I don't know what is worse, the insufferable songs or how this trashy modern musical fairy-tale is so predictable, boring and full of clichs from the first scene till the last. There is nothing original or remotely interesting in it and it isn't even bad enough to make us laugh.

WakeWRC89 (it) wrote: One of my all time favourites. Now if you understand this film (watch the directors cut) you will appreciate it for what it is. A VERY clever film. If you dont understand it you will seriously question this 5 star rating ... Brilliant.