Killer Bees!

Killer Bees!

A sheriff tries to save unsuspecting townspeople, including his estranged wife and young daughter, from a deadly swarm.

Sheriff Lyndon Harris of a rural Washington town tries hard to smoothen life for his people, while shark mayor Ditwaller is out to acquire property after bank foreclosures. Lyndon also has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Morgan K (us) wrote: Probably the best video game movie ever made....And that's not saying much.

Jesse O (de) wrote: I don't think it's been any secret, at least to any one who knows me, that I was not a big fan of Frozen. I know this is gonna look bad because I did, in fact, give Frozen a good score and I even went on to say that I thought it was a good movie. But, let's be real here, Frozen is a good movie that should've been amazing. It was held back entirely by the fact that it was concentrated on being a stupid musical first instead of telling a great story between the bond and love between the two sisters at the center of Frozen. I'm not saying that this is what Frozen should have been like, given the fact that this is a much serious movie, but it does far more with its ideas of sisterly love and devotion than Frozen could ever have imagined. The film, really, is very simple. It tells the story of two sisters struggling to survive after a continent-wide power outage pretty much destroys civilization as we know it. Not in a cataclysmic way, of course. It's more of a we don't have power, no internet, no phones, no gas, that sort of stuff. The movie doesn't really have much of a conventional narrative. There's no real endgame that seeds are planted for early in the beginning. There's none of that and, to me, that's why I believe audience scores weren't as positive. But I'm not ruling out that people thought this was gonna be a Walking Dead-esque movie about the apocalypse. Not necessarily with the zombies, but certainly more along those lines. A dangerous world where you face a thousand ways to die every second of every day. This isn't that movie and you shouldn't go in expecting any of that, because of your preconceived idea of what a movie about the apocalypse should be. This focuses more on the human element, which manifests itself in seeing how these two sisters deal with this massive power outage. Is it what I would call a great movie? Not necessarily, but it's a damn good one regardless. One that completely relies on the performances of Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood. And, to their credit, both women are pretty phenomenal in this movie. Both Evan and Ellen give some of their career best performances. And the movie definitely needed those performances. I say that because, out of the gate, Ellen and Evan do not look like they could ever be sisters. I mean it makes sense in this universe, since the mother was a brunette and the father was blonde with blue eyes, but those two just don't feel like they could be sisters in a movie. Well, thankfully enough, their performances were so great that they definitely made it feel like they were sisters and that they would do absolutely anything for each other. And that's what the movie is all about. While it's obvious that this about a sisterly bond, the themes the movie explores really are kind of universal. It's about the things we do for the ones we love. I can relate to that and I'm a man without siblings. That's what the narrative is about, really. It's not about Eva and Nellie finding a new place to live, it's not about fighting back against mobs of the undead or violent humans. It's about their bond. And, ultimately, it is also about new beginnings. The way the movie gets to that is interesting, to say the least, but I feel it works in the long run. This is not gonna be everybody's cup of tea, but I thought it was a damn good movie with some excellent performances that should be seen. I wouldn't fully recommend it, because it's not the type of movie that's easy to digest, but I thought it was damn good and that's all that matters to me.

Jenn T (fr) wrote: B sci-fi movie with a decently engaging plot but certainly not something that hasn't been done before.

Jason C (it) wrote: Otis. It's one of the more strange movies I've seen. It's good, but I can't put my finger on why I don't think it's great. The actors are good. I'd never seen Daniel Stern in a movie before, but he did a good job as the main character, Otis. It's very creative. A lot of movies like Otis fail. Tony Krantz deserves a lot of credit for putting this story on tape so successfully. He's primarily a producer, but directs a winning film here. If you like B-horror movies, you should be all over Otis. If you like horror films, you will still enjoy it.

Charles M (br) wrote: A movie that gently shifts your perspective.

Greg R (br) wrote: Far from a good adaptation of one of my favorite comic strips, but it's a kinda-sorta guilty pleasure.

Roxane L (br) wrote: Loved it wow I bawled soo much

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: Wow, I actually remember this movie.

Ma R (it) wrote: An interesting look into the life of a complex man.

Walter G (it) wrote: Ryan Renolds is hilarious, Jason Bateman is beyond funny, and Olivia Wilde is GORGEOUS! wouldn't say its a must see but it's definitely worth watching.