Killer Bitch

Killer Bitch

A woman is forced into a deadly game in which she has to kill five people or all her friends and family will be butchered.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A woman is forced into a deadly game in which she has to kill five people or all her friends and family will be butchered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Killer Bitch torrent reviews

Russell W (jp) wrote: Ultimately unsatisfying and decidedly disjointed. Som good performances from Meryl, Bob and the young kid but Tom still annoys me. Tried hard but could do better. The ending is empty.

M M (mx) wrote: [FONT=Comic Sans MS]At first, i had thought that the best movie i have ever watched is Notting Hill, Until i watched this Movie.... Heather has magnificient looks and a very outrageous body which is supplemented by her equally good acting, I liked her movie Killing me Softly, but this one was even better does anyone have any idea of what other movies of hers are worth a watch But again, if we come to the realistic part, how can a grown up married lady lead an unknown stalker into her house, let him kiss her and then actually shade her clothes and make love... Not only that, when he hesitates, she actually asks him if he wants to try again The Most surprising part is, she doesnt even know his name or his age until after she has been banged All in all, ill rate this movie as 8/10.... If only had she let the kid undress her ([B]like in Killing me Softly[/B]), would have rated it 11/10[/font]

Jerome W (fr) wrote: Well, I'm seeing movies. I'm just forgetting about updating this thing. My last DVD trip was to Blockbuster, where I saw once again that perception rarely equals reality. I can't speak for every Blockbuster in the United States, but for a mega-chain that supposedly frowns on individual choice, this particular store certainly had a lot of independent and foreign films. There were in particular a lot of Spanish-lanuage and Asian stuff, which should come as no surprise considering how many Latino and Asian people live in this area. The [i]real[/i] surprise was how many gay and lesbian videos were there. Supposedly that's the kind of thing Blockbuster would never, ever carry. Obviously someone's been telling fibs. I got one of the lesbian films, "Make A Wish", which is probably the first lesbian slasher film on record. It was pretty good too allowing for the miniscule budget. The actors were good and the ending didn't insult your intelligence for once. They even left a few subtleties in the plot. And on top of all that there were even a couple of sex scenes.:D

Hannah M (mx) wrote: I was pretty thoroughly unimpressed with this movie. I have no idea what it was trying to accomplish. Its plot reads like a thinly veiled excuse to show lots of lesbian sex, except there wasn't that much sex when it came right down to it. It could have been an attempt at a coming-of-age story, except the teenage character really never came of age or learned anything. It could have been a character study, except that characterization was never developed. It could have been a drama about forbidden love, except that the forbidenness of it is, oddly, never really discussed. It could have been a groundbreaking LGBT movie, except for the fact that it painted all the lesbians in the story as sex-crazed and vaguely predatory for no particular reason. In short, it feels like a movie that was trying to go so many directions that it never made it to any of its goals. This script needed a few more rewrites before it was ready to shoot.

Andrea B (mx) wrote: and i thought i had a film addiction...fascinating look into the lives of a group of self-confessed film addicts from new york. was actually kind of sad to see how their lives - work and social were replaced by filmwatching. would have been interesting if they'd explored the darker side of their addiction a little more.

Adam R (mx) wrote: One of the better Halloween movies ever made, even with it being a television movie. It's cute and scary without being too scary. Halloweentown is cool! (First viewing - Late childhood)

Private U (ca) wrote: the best film ever. the ultimate so bad it's good experience. homicidal clockwork teeth? a talking-hand revolution? complete genius. ("the time for revolution is at hand")

Corey W (gb) wrote: Avoid everything you hear about this movie (except this review) until you sit down to watch it.

Kevin G (ru) wrote: One of the most epic movies of all time!!!

Brent G (br) wrote: Way before its time... This psychological thriller highlights a parable nonetheless relevant today. It's worth the treat, even if there are some foibles along the way. And, why did the world ever stoop embracing the wonderful Staci Keanon? She deserves much more recognition, please!!!!

Laila F (es) wrote: Alright but a bit boring

Joo Miguel R (nl) wrote: A house with a sinister past .... Been there done that! But The Canal is a ghost story very well made. The direction is top notch! A very long time since the last time I had a genuine scare seeing a haunted house movie. Super horrific and scary like hell! Not very common in this kind of movie. Suffers from a big thing: The Canal is very very predictable (to me at least); half an hour in the movie and I allready knew the end. I really recomend this movie to horror fans.

Ritwik A (us) wrote: Don't watch this movie for cinematic experience or art. This movie is totally enjoyable only of you watch it with your spouse for a romantic evening. What to watch out: Background music, Mickey Rourke's charm and Otis's beauty and some amazing chemistry between them.