Killer Bud

Killer Bud

After losing another job, two idiots embark on an adventure of mythic proportion: to acquire "Feed Bags," the discontinued entire-meal-in-a-bag, to impress their two equally dim-witted dates. When the only convenience store in town that carries the discontinued food item is found closed, Waylon and Buzz break in and can't break out.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dog,   drugs,   best friend,  

After losing another job, two idiots embark on an adventure of mythic proportion: to acquire "Feed Bags," the discontinued entire-meal-in-a-bag, to impress their two equally dim-witted ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary S (es) wrote: Hour and half wasted :(

Gabriel G (kr) wrote: Interesting collection of gay love stories (nothing strange, considering that this is a Brillante Mendoza's movie). Diverse and global at the same time: every story shows any different and original situation, but the common subject (the sexual fantasies of some young homosexuals who dream of what it could not finally be) gives all of these stories a common identity, so you see that the anthology and its title make sense. My preferred of all Mendoza's. Highly recommended.

Vincent J (de) wrote: Deux vies confrontees, le decalage des cultures et des pays. Une belle rencontre.

Antti P (es) wrote: This movie shows our darker side but at the same time it also gives hope for the future. Truely touching film.

Pierluigi P (ag) wrote: The Spaniard freak Alex De la Iglesia debuts with this funny futuristic black comedy where a guerrilla formed by anarchistic cripples plan their biggest attack to the establishment, then all hell breaks loose.A not so good movie, but a riot for any fan of this curious filmmaker.

Jack G (kr) wrote: this was one of the real notorious "Harvey Weinstein fucked with my original version" movies from Miramax back in the day. Apparently Bertolucci hates Weinstein because of it. Then again, how great can a movie be with Keanu Reeves as a Siddhartha?Well... it's not great (that was my previous review of what I thought of the movie waaay back in the day). But it's MUCH better than I expected, and is very good *despite* what Weinstein did to the cut, which does appear from seeing the film to have been cut by a good few minutes - maybe for the better, I don't know. All I know is Reeves, who shouldn't have any place in this film, gives an astonishingly good performance all things considered, and Bertolucci and writer Rudy Wurlitzer (of Two-Lane Blacktop!) are very thoughtful about the nature of Buddhism and what the Siddhartha means today. And of course Vittorio Storaro is the man, and this along with Bulworth is one of his late masterpieces of camera-work. Not one of Bertolucci's best, of course, and the kids can be a bit mawkish and eh. But for what it is, I was absorbed.

Liie H (br) wrote: This movie, contrary to the critics consensus, is not "delightfully funny"; at best it was casually amusing. In fact, the movie is quite dark at points. The plot lacked substance, but I did enjoy the cute ending. Not a "Must See" but it was okay

Bruce s (gb) wrote: after all they just don't make the cut any more

Benjamin W (fr) wrote: The stark contrast between the organic non-technological life and one run by stark, sterile automation ends up being a laugh riot of slapstick fun in this French film. In fact, one probably doesn't even need subtitles when watching this comedy, as most of the gags are visual and are understood by everyone, thereby eliminating the language barrier. Comedy: a grand unifier.Of course, for it's time, "Mon Oncle" certainly felt like one of the classics of silent American cinema. If Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton didn't have an influence on this film, I would be greatly surprised.